A recent activity Photo-Story: Food Not Bombs KL kitchen krew (part one)

sunday, messed up sunday, the kitchen is out of order, no, it is in perfect harmony!

now it is ready – readily ready for preparing food

after collecting veggatables from a market 10 mins drive away, and we are “guilty” for the petroleum used in that sense. the veggatable are supposely “recycle”, more like given from petty veggtable seller, who does not think it’s sellable and do not mind storring for us to pick it.

then we bring it back, washing veggtables…

oh, better prepare the rice too….

the rice maker

the rice maker


sometimes when there are more people helping we chop the veggies outside, then there were too many poos…(from the dog), we moved to the “living area”.

this time,  it is chopped in the kitchen.

building dhal i suppose....

boilling some dhal i suppose….

human rights? (by..?) for all, the rice goes to the firE!

no, it's the purple thing!

more chopping more chopping!!

someone preparing some bitter gourd!

bitter GOD!