it is great that we have a few venues.

as you may already have known, Takuro san was here to do a presentation to introduce Champon. i must say that i am personally not a media activist, let alone an activist but i really enjoyed listening to his very honest presentation and i think the idea is awesome.

so you have seen the pictures so let me just tell you how it went.

basically, his presentation, to put in a nutshell, was to call for particpants to join champon. champon is a new news/video portal. it is really simple. all you have to do is sign up and then you can post your news or video there. it is that simple. put up whatever radical news that you have there. to me, this is great cos then you will have this sorta solidarity among the Asian countries. we can keep outselves updated with what is goin on in the region.

we had two presentations on champon. the first one was done at the sky bunkers community or in bahasa melayu komuniti bunkers langit. this community –  i was told that it is a community and it is not a collective – is in the ghetto setapak and the amazing thing is the presentation there was organized in just one day. yeah, one day. seriously. a friend from sky bunkers smsed everyone and invited everyone to come and listen to the presentation. it was a good different crowd. it was a small crowd. good q&a and a lot of the questions revolved around the languange as materials in champon will only be in english, korean, japanese, mandarin (i suppose) and also the issues that champon is focusing on. they were suggesting that other languages should be added and considered as well.

then two days after that, we had another presentation at PONYO. here we had a few media activists from engage media and an independent film maker. so this was kinda more relevant to them because we hardly write anything or produce any videos. so the questions were pretty different here. they questioned if champon is really necessary since there are already so many other alternative medias. so there was a fairly good discussion goin on. the same questions were asked – language and common issue -the common theme which ties all of us together and the focus of champon. after the discussion, this was the same at both the venues, we then watched if not all, most of the videos with subtitles from the  Action in Asia DVD. this is dvd is a compilation of  clips/documentaries in Asia. and as for action in asia, if your interested, you can submit your documentaries there. they are looking for documentaries from malaysia. so good luck!

i am glad that it was done two different places because Taku got to spread the idea to different groups of people. i can bet you that those who went to sky bunkers would have not gone to PONYO for the presentation and vice versa. so i am really glad. the food was great. both the sky bunkers and fnb are really good at this. preparing food for any event. we had awesome mexican food at PONYO and great snacks at sky bunkers. after the presentation at sky bunkers, we left to this “awesome” nasi padang place. so i was told. clearly, this persun, overplayed on the awesome part. dont get me wrong it was good but not awesome. but i think everyone should try the nasi padang. its open 24 hours.

kudos to the sky bunkers community cos they did a great job. and it was organized in just a day. so really. great work!

for information, check out the sites.



a friend of ours, Taku san, will be stopping by in KL to share/spread the idea of an online-media project called Champon that he is currently involved with. so far he has gone to Hong Kong and Taiwan to talk about Champon and planning on doing the same here in KL- to meet activists, people who are into using media as a medium to disseminate propaganda/information/whatever, and people to exchange information and to learn how the media is being used in their local cities.

Champon is actually an online-media project which distributes information from Asia all over the world. It is being organized by the ‘Asian Media Activist Network’ which is coordinated by activists from throughout Asia. These independent media activists deal with common social problems in Asia from a global viewpoint and with matters particular to each Asian region. In doing so, we aim to establish an open, common site which is able to host various media formats. Through constructing and operating a common web-site, we will deepen the relationships and further mutual understanding throughout Asia and develop new, cooperative, creative activities. We call on independent media activists throughout Asia to participate in ‘Champon’.

so we are doing a little session to introduce Champon at rumah FNB (PONYO) and at the sky bunker community house/komuniti bunker langit. here are the details:

date: February 3th 2009, Tuesday

time: 8.00 pm

venue: the sky bunker community/komuniti bunker langit – it’s in Setapak; nearest public transportation would be wangsa maju putra lrt station. from there onwards taxi or bus.  (its a secret location so please call this number to get directions 0176845286)
*there will be light refreshment but people are encouraged to bring their own snacks as well

date: February 5th 2009, Thursday
time: 8.00 pm
venue: rumah FNB/PONYO (map)

for thursday

everyone is invited to come and if you have any videos to show or if you would like to present anything that would be alright too. the whole idea is to have an interactive session and to exchange information on how independent media is used and can be used.

please let me know if you are interested and that we can work something out.