post letter writing & vigil

the un-named and un-spoken collective in queer/feminist bloc have no blogs or myspace so we have to “tumpang” mockmeat.

so yesterday we did two things. one was the letter writing for the israeli prisoners who refuse to participate in the war against palestine and the following one was a candle light vigil/performances for the palestinians. here, we wanted to mourn the deaths, the rapes, the torture from the war in palestine.

the letter writing was awesome because it was pretty laid back and we got a lot of people who were hanging out at the park to join in to write some messages of support. there was this pak cik guard there who tried to chase us away but then we told him that, “we are just a bunch of kids having a picnic and doing a study group. we are here almost every saturday.” and then he was like, “so whats with the leafleting?” then being smart asses that we are, we said, “its lecture notes. these are our notes. we are just having small group discussions”. he bought it and left. we continued our “picnic/study group”. yeah, we had some lempeng (malaysian version of pancakes) and also tea.

as we were explaining to people about what we were doing there, they were like, “wait a minute. we are writing to israeli prisoners or palestinians?” but with a little explanation and some flyers people came to understand not everyone in israel are in support of the war and not all of them are zionist.

about 6, we left to bukit bintang for the vigil/performance. we had a guitar and some poetry. we got there, looked for a decent spot, and started our vigil. we laid our beautiful banner on the floor, placed some candles around it, and started leafleting. the place that we forst chose was not strategic so we decided to move after 15 minutes.

we moved to another spot. here, two friend from this un-named and unspoken collective sang two songs and another friend recited a couple of poetry. i will admit this, i at least had a hard time getting the message across to the kids there who were 80% of our crowd. most still thought that all jews are zionist and isrealis are fucked up. but we did see some people nodding as a sign of  “yeah, that makes sense”. we stayed there for another 20 minutes plus.  we had to leave because someone told us that things were gonna get ugly cos some kids wanted to get into a fight. yeah, there was some pushing and shoving. we folded our banner and “lepak-ed” somewhere nearby waiting for our busker friends to start playing.