the first thing that i do in the morning is, (i hate routines but oh well) switch on my monitor and check my emails. i hate checking my emails cos i know there will be more things for me to do on top of the things that i am already struggling to finish! these things are usually not as exciting as the things i that i would like to do.

this one interesting email awaited me in my inbox. the subject was typed all in caps. you know it is serious business when it is all in caps.


i have been reading and also reading to others about the nuclear catastrophe that has struck japan. i guess the worst article which i read was either yesterday or two days ago about the atomic samurai. the atomic samurais who have been hailed as heroes are the folks who are on a suicide mission to clean the nuclear plant.  these 180 men are prepared to die.  i just read an article which reported two men have died and the cause of death has not been disclosed. (well, i would like to say that these two men were killed/murdered by the state and really, do we really need the state to produce a report to state the obvious?)   in my head i am just like, “where are the CEOs and whoever at tepco who have been making money out this plant? i dont see them cleaning anything.”

these 180 men are victims of the state’s greed and pride to come out as champions of this catastrophe. the state is orchestrating a suicide mission and i dont know how many more people have to die because for this.

it is also interesting to read that email this morning cos only yesterday i was reading about the protest in klang against the nuclear plant that the state wants to build there. isnt it amazing how nothing goes through the state administrators thick skulls? you are bombarded with so many things thats happening in japan with this nuclear plant almost everyday and yet you wanna build one here?

this April 10 will be the day of global action in solidarity with the people in japan to shut down the nuclear power plants.  i urge you and your friends to come together in solidarity to stand up with the people in japan.

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anti-nuke protest in klang

Source: Malaysiakini – S Pathmawathy

The first shot in the fight against the construction of nuclear power plants in the country was fired in Klang today as scores of protesters gathered at the jetty of Pulau Ketam.

Klang parliamentarian Charles Santiago, who led the protest, said “Klang has been identified as one of the areas for the nuclear plants as it is an ideal location because it is surrounded by water.”

He said that the constituency which is set by the sea with bustling ports nearby, would be severely impacted, if the federal government pushes its nuclear plans through.
“We gathered at the jetty of Pulau Ketam because off the mainland, there are smaller and several inhibit islands that must be protected.”

About 50 demonstrators, made up of 12 civil society groups and members of the public, held banners and placards warning of the effects of nuclear energy in case of mishap.

“This is a historical day in Klang because this is the start of many more protests to come nationwide,” said Charles.

The government announced December last year that two nuclear plants would be built by 2022, to generate 1,000 megawatts of power each.

The move was initiated to divert the country away from its dependence on the depleting fossil fuels.

However, fears over the safety of nuclear plants have risen with Japan, a major operator of such plants for electricity, facing the threat of a meltdown at its stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant following the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Miyagi prefecture.

The protest turned to be a humble one as police cordoned off both access roads into Pulau Ketam and placed the area where the protesters were assembled under heavy guard.

“They (the police) did not allow us any time to protest and warned the crowd to disperse immediately,” he added.

However, the protesters marched to a nearby field and the 12 non-governmental groups signed the ‘Klang Declaration‘.

Among other resolutions, urged the government to quit its plan to set up such power plants and appealed to Selangor to not approve the plans in the event the state is approached.

Charles said that the authorities should explore the use of solar energy instead as it is a clean, renewable energy source.

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