Dear good people,

FNB is now embarking on a new chapter on its existence here in KL!

Just so you know, FNB now has its own space in PJ. It was very crucial for us to get this space so that we can instill, foster, practice, and uphold the principles of do-it-yourself, the concept of collectivism, and creating a safe and autonomous space.

The space functions as a weekly kitchen for the weekly tabling at Bukit Nanas (yeah, we no longer cook at CM), community space for us and friends to host and organize workshops, activities, screenings, as well as other awesome programmes, library for people to find mainstream and alternative books and reading materials for their reference and reading pleasure, a garden so that we can start planting and growing our own vegetables for the weekly tabling.

So far these are the activities that we have organized at the space: tempe workshop, bicycle workshop, a bunch of screenings, performances, discussions, sharing, badminton tournaments, banner making, art exhibitions(you have probably been spammed by us already).

As we are a collective with no cash or very little cash, we can’t afford to get a lot of things or equipment that we need to make the house into a fully equipped infoshop. It would be great if you could donate these items or help us to find the listed items.

1. Computer
The computer will be placed in the library so that visitors may browse the internet, read the daily news, write articles for the collective and house blog, zines, newsletters, make fliers, and so on.

2. Sewing machine
It will be used for community projects, banner making, and other projects.

3. Printer
To print newsletters, fliers, zines, and other sort of publications.

4. Copier
We definitely use a lot of money to photocopy fliers, zines, articles, and all sorts of information to be disseminated to the public. Any old copier would be fine for us to continue spreading information to the public in a very cost efficient way.

5. Oven
We love to experiment. We would love to come out the same old boring routine of just cooking with pots and pans. With an oven we would be able to table a variety of food. Maybe even bake cakes and brownies for people!

6. Gardening tools (cangkul, mata tiga, etc.)
We are starting our little garden at the side of the house and we need tools to clean and maintain the garden. So if you have any gardening tools lying around and not being used, please donate it to FNB.

7. Books
Besides the garden, we also have a super mini library/reading corner in the collective house. As of now, we have a range of books from arts to politics and womyn. If you have any books, you can more than welcomed to donate them to us. We will add it to our ever expanding super mini library/reading corner. But, no Mastikas please. Really.

8. Racks and cupboards
All those stuff mentioned above have to go somewhere. For proper storage we would appreciate any old cupboards or racks.

9. Paints & brushes
We use a lot of paint, mainly pelaka, for art projects. If you have any, you can donate it to us. We are not that picky about colours so any colours will do. Also brushes.

If you would like to donate other items besides the ones on the list, you may do so as well.

We are in no position to make house calls as we don’t have a car. So it would be great if you could directly donate or drop them at the collective house in pj. Below is the address:

No. 14. Jalan Jelawat 8/10, Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call us at 03 7955 0941(our house number). You may speak to anyone who picks up the phone.

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “DONATE

  1. Im not familiar with PJ. Do u hv anyone who can meet me around Berjaya Times Square during weekend? it’s not something bulky, just some groceries.

    • hey, i just noticed your comment. i am so sorry, have been pretty busy so i have not had the time to check the blog. anyways, if you are still up for donating stuff, we can meet you at berjaya times square this saturday.

  2. HI,
    Thanks for your response.
    Please tell me what type of foodstuff is needed.
    My contribution is rather minimal (I will try to get some friends to chip in for the next round), I hope u guys are around the area and are not coming all the way fr PJ just to get the stuffs!

  3. BTW, where does FNBKL serve the needy now? Is it still at the same spot near St John’s Church in KL (opposite Muzium Telekom) ?

  4. hai pagarmerah,
    sy amat tertarik untuk join n contribute my food to the community..specifically im doing online pudding buss.i want to involve n do it for the charity to share any info?


    • hello encik belo,

      ye, saya baru je tengok tengok blog encik belo. the puddings look good. =)

      saya pun tak pasti macam mana nak share info dengan encik belo. kalau encik belo nak, encik belo can always drop by our house on sundays to help us cook and then table the food at bukit nanas. kitaorang masak hari ahad dari jam 1 lebih kat rumah di seksyen 8. map ada di blog ni. we can always use an extra pair of hands.

      tapi, encik belo boleh je, kalau ada rezeki, bagi puding belo for free. sama ada kat bukit nanas atau dekat tempat-tempat lain. besides food not bombs, banyak lagi organisasi/kolektif/pergerakan lain yang bagi makanan kat area-area kl.

      kalau encik belo nak tolong food not bombs kl, macam saya dah cakap tadi, bertandang la ke rumah hari ahad untuk tolong-tolong atau encik belo boleh derma keperluan dapur seperti beras, gula, kordial, dan sebagainya.

  5. thx Pagarmerah for the akan cuba luangkan masa untuk join preparing food for the community..kalau tak pun,i will send our pudding directly ke bukit nanas..i’m glad to hear there are still ppl who concern & care for the poor..i will support your team at anytime!cheers mate…

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