food not bombs kuala lumpur or FNBKL  just like other food not bombs all around the world, is a loose collective which believes in non-violence, veganism (although not all food not bombs volunteers are vegetarians or vegans), non-hierarchy, and creating a safer space for people who volunteer at food not bombs. so we dont condone and we strictly do not allow sexism, patriarchal behaviour/attitude, quuerphobia, racism, classism, speciesism, and all the other -ism that is oppressive.

while we do not condone wastage of food and we recycle the vegetable that we cook from the market, we would not turn away left over food even if it consists of meat if it is being thrown away.

although FNBKL tables in kuala lumpur (bukit nanas), we are no longer based or cook in kuala lumpur. we have moved to kuala lumpur’s sister town – petaling jaya – for the time being. (rent here is way more affordable)

as FNBKL, we actively participate in issues pertaining anti-war, anti-arms, and anti-nuke. as individuals, we have different interest and that can be seen in this blog.

if you would like to volunteer at FNBKL, please drop us a line here or you may call the number below or you can just show up at the house on Sundays at about 2pm. we appreciate whatever skills that you have and we would love to learn from you as well. trust me, there are many things that we dont know. and we are also happy to share whatever we know and have.

contact number: 03 7873 6244

address: 54, ss1/28. taman seapark. (near lrt taman bahagia)

from the station, walk to your right until you come to a traffic light, there will be a school across the road on your left. at the traffic light, turn right and cross the road. keep walking. you will pass a nursery on your right. at the first turning (ss1/32), please turn left. walk into the residential area and the first turning, turn right. and then you will see another turning (ss1/28), turn right. 3rd house from the end. house number 54.

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