we have moved… again


food not bombs kuala lumpur has moved again!  fnbkl was in PJ for a good what, 3 years? now have decided to move back to KL and stay true to our name.  we have been cooking at Rumah Api, formerly known as Gudang Noisy, since october 11, 2011.  it is a new beginning for food not bombs kuala lumpur and we are excited to embark on this new chapter. please come by and help out if you are free on sundays.  we go to the market at noon and we start cooking at 1ish and we leave to bukit nanas at 5.30pm. the same drill. dont worry if you cant cook or whatever, free vegan cooking lessons are included!  i must say we make pretty damn good dishes.  =D

we still table the food at the same place – bukit nanas.

hope to see you around!!!!

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8 thoughts on “we have moved… again

    • hey there,

      this is the address: 178 Jalan Merdeka, Kg Baru Ampang, Pekan Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Malaysia
      the place is somewhat opposite the balai polis trafik ampang and is after the ampang point. it is near the ampang lrt station.

      • hey. can i know the direction to get here by public transportation from ampang lrt. full direction please. thanks 🙂

      • hey there,

        it is literally 5 minutes from the ampang station. get down at the station, get to the main road and walk towards your right. you will pass cimb bank and 7-eleven on your left, across the road. on your right there will be a temple and rows of workshops. the place is called RUMAH API and it is really hard to miss. there are loads of murals and posters. just knock on the door and someone will get you. it is before the traffic police station.

  1. Hey,

    I’m thinking of stopping off in Kuala Lumpur on my travels and would love to get involved with FNB and maybe meet some like-minded anarcha-types there. The website hasn’t been updated in a while so I just wanted to check that FNB is still going


    • hey there,

      i am so sorry for the late reply. because i no longer do food not bombs, i have ben updating this blog. food not bombs is still happening though. it is a different group that is running it. i dont know if you have stopped by KL. if you have, i am so sorry for the super delayed response. if you havent, yeah, would love to meet up with you wile you are here. =)

  2. Hi Pagarmerah,
    I am trying to look for FNB KL number. Do you have their latest number ? I recon the Ampang address is the latest resident. Thanking you in advance.

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