the dada autonomous front on military expenditure

On the Day of, 12 April of 2011, on the global day of action on military spending, the day where the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) release new annual figures on world military expenditures – the day of insurrection against the tyranny of war enterprises, on weapons of destruction, on the profiteering of human suffering, mass murder and the dehumanisation of human autonomy. We as human beings are not afraid to demand the cessation of military spending, on “defence” spending, on “national security” spending.

We will not tolerate any more lies and fraudulence, we will not believe in the governments propaganda machine. we know that these expenditure are never for the sake of humanity, nor it is for the well-being of our existence. tanks, jet fighter planes, surveillance cameras, patrol cars are not going to solve any social decay; it is a pretence to feed and profit from human fears and insecurities. many social ills and degeneration are the genesis of the arrogance and ignorance of the government, sultanate and corporations, the people who care less of the poor, the working people, the marginalised, the minority, the indigenous peoples, the people who are most affected by the structures of greed, corruption and power. We are sick of the government and its propaganda apparatus causing and allowing the disease of social disintegration and prescribing remedies of deceit.

enough is enough! we do not want guns, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, tanks, jet planes, helicopters, submarines, soldiers, polices, a 20 meter fenced wall, prisons, CCTV, cameras, batons and shields. we do not want any instruments of violence, war and control.

We, as the people of conscience, of humanity will rise up, not with guns nor any form of weapons in our hands, because we know there are professional killers paid to kill, paid to suppress us, we know there are people trained to beat us down, to control us, we know there is a system to keep us incarcerated, to keep us quite, to desensitise our will and senses for true autonomy, of true freedom. We, as the people of compassion, will rise up, not with violence, nor with our fist clamped at the riot police. We, as civil society will rise up with our knowledge of love, peace, cooperation, and forbearance.

No to military spending, No to militarisation, No to “national security”, No to “defence”, Yes to free higher education, Yes to free health system, Yes to Human Autonomy, Yes to the deconstruction of capitalist’a thought, time and space!!


International dada Autonomous Front

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