Book: Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia by Kua Kia Soong

the book title goes

Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia: From Altantuya to Zikorsky

recently, there was a book launch on malaysia’s arms spending. some of us were invited to the be on the panel to speak as representatives of “Food Not Bombs KL”. it was later decided that i shall speak. and i spoke about my views and claimed not speaking on-behalf of any other people/group/whatever. i read the book which was given to me. it is a small paper back book. however with interesting information on the expenditure and misuse and corruptions in the government and the arms industry, i would not say i agree completely with certain ideology and suggestions presented briefly in the introduction and in the conclusion. on the matter of how the country should/ could have operated otherwise. it is after all imperatively problematic to even imagine a governing entity operating in whatever manner over a vast piece of land however “good” it may be.

nevertheless, it was somewhat an interesting forum; well more of panel speak audience listen sort of setting or more of a media conference. i didn’t not wanted to be part of the “opening ceremony”.

the book is somehow useful, as there were practically no other research on it. information on malaysia’s war apparatus,  or “defense and security” are hardly discussed about, or even reviewed openly.

i did question the notion of “peace” itself , and if that’s the culture that people want to build, what peace then? a peace machine that sedates us from realizing other strife and wars that occurs everyday? the wars that goes on people’s life, the cultural imperialism that’s happening rapidly, disparity created mainly by the agents of the ruling elites, the middle class (managerial class)… and if the “country” does not spend the people’s money on war apparatus, what alternative industry are there, is it even a good idea to think about “alternative sustainable industry”, who will be deciding what is good industry to venture into, the new government, the people are so used to the way things work (which perpetuates the disparity in the first place)? i guess there are many wars going on, and it may not be a gun directly pointing and shooting at us but it is pointing at us.

try to get hold and read the book if possible, there are something to be gain there..

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