Choose, Change, Challenge

Dear Friends,

COME IN! THE HOUSE IS YOURS! FORUM – CHOOSE. CHANGE. CHALLENGE – is a celebration of interactive, empowering art forms to take place at map K

L on 12th December 2010, to celebrate the work of Augusto Boal and the Theatre of The Oppressed. We are looking for partners to join us in breaking down the barriers of creativity and performance.

We want interactive mediu

ms – be it theatre, dance, visual art or performance – to involve and energise audiences, and would like to offer this open call for submissions. Please write to us before Friday 5th November to propose how you can be involved in this unique event.

We will also be running a programme of Theatre of the Oppre

ssed workshops to train and promote this radical approach to performance, where the spectators become spect-actors and take control of the stage as well as other complimentary interactive performance techniques.

The workshops start 14th November and will run each subsequent Sunday thereafter culminating in a performance on the festival day itself (Sunday 12th December 2010). Places are limited so book early!

The workshops would be particularly meaningful to anyone looking for creative ways to address social issues including all current or aspiring theatre/performing arts practitioners, social/care/youth workers, activists, NGO staff and anybody interested in social transformation through the arts.

To participate please contact: or

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