new open and community space in bkk!!!

So I get an email from this friend of mine to prepare me for this email that I am about receive from a new friend from Thailand. A few minutes after that I have a new mail in my inbox. This persyn wrote that she and her friend will be coming down to KL for the weekend and asked if it would be okay for them to crash at the house. Me being all prepped and all, replied to her pretty quickly. In her other emails she also mentioned about reviving food not bombs there and was hoping that we would be able to share some stuff (knowledge, information, etc) with her. Not that we have much but oh well.

She and a friend were here during the zine fest which was like 3 Sundays ago. That morning before she left, she was telling me about getting a space and starting things Bangkok including a “new” and revived food not bombs Bangkok.

3 Sundays later, I am sitting in front of the laptop as usual writing and replying to emails, she says hi via chat and she sends me this link to their new blog. They have a found a space for themselves. A four storey house in the heart of Thailand. The space will be an open community space for people who wanna do things. According to her, they have cleaned the place and are looking forward to start doing this there. So please check out their blog for updates.

Now if you are in bkk, you definitely know where to go!!!

Imagine all in just 3 weeks!

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