Earthlings Free Screening this Sunday, July 18 at Noisy!!!

hey people,

this will be happening today. so if you are free, please check it out. i think it is pretty cool movie. then again, i dont know if i have watched it. according to a friend i have. see, thing is, i fall asleep at pretty much any movie and so i need people to tell me if i have watched anything at all. good thing is i would remember bits and pieces of the movie. just so you know the severity of my condition, i had to watch  princess mononoke in three different sessions to complete the movie!

plus there will be vegan potluck!!!! i like potlucks cos it encourages me to cook. i like to try new recipes everytime but pretty sad now that we gave returned our oven. no more vegan cakes and pizzas. =( anyways, if you would like to whip up something here is a vegan website which i like to go to. seriously, just do it and dont overthink it. i dont have fancy measuring cups and tools, i just punkrock it and most of the times it will turn out pretty alright. failure is not necessarily a bad thing. i have learned so many things about cooking by doing all these crazy trials and errors. but trust me it will turn out great! as what my friend would say, just follow your heart!

i think i have mentioned Noisy a bunch of times in my other posts. it is a pretty cool place. a lot of gigs happen there. just recently, a bunch of people decided to give the place a new and improved look. the place was cleaned up and re-painted and now it looks amazing! please expect to see great thing coming out of there!

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