We are not couch surfers. We don’t own a couch. However, we host (for the lack of better word) people who travel and they sleep soundly on the cement floor (of course, we provide thin layers of comforters and pillows) and every morning, without morning will be serenaded by Luna’s melodious barks.

Anyways, we just recently hosted four friends Australia. Very nice people and were looking forward to this gig at One Café in Kuala Lumpur. I would like to establish a few things. I am not in the punk music scene. Some may say that I am in the outskirts of the punk music scene but I think I am actually not but that does not stop me from making snappy comments or observations or doing things in solidarity with them. I know a lot of people who are in the scene and I enjoy the music but I am not in the scene. I probably only go to gigs when relantionsheep, the garrison, or some bands, actually friends that I really wanna see play, which I must admit not that often. Then again, as I said that doesn’t mean that I am totally isolated from these people. They are some of my very good friends.

Getting back to the story, I know, I can digress. It is a skill which I have mastered. So there was a gig last Friday night and a lot of friends were there too. It was a punk gig. Somewhere during the gig, there was some sorta altercation between some our Australian friends and some Nazi punks who were there to “set up the venue” for their gig the following day. In other words, they were there to hang a couple of banners. The banner, my gosh, was so disturbing. It was a picture of a skull with four keris at very corner of the skull. Encircling the disturbing image was the infamous phrase “takkan melayu hilang di dunia” meaning “the malays will never vanish from the face of the earth”.

The keris has been somehow misinterpreted as the symbol of Malays when the keris is a hand held weapon which was used all over Southeast Asia. The phrase on the hand was supposedly coined by Hang Tuah, a Malay warrior who was recently taken out of the history text books upon recent discovery that he is indeed of the Chinese descent. What do you know?

So the assholes first grabbed one of their beer bottles and didn’t wanna return it. So one of them (the Australians) had to go back and ask them to return it. After that, the Nazis went up to one of them and told them to get out of this country as this country is not theirs (!!!!) To that one of them replied, “Fuck off you racist!” or something like that. Then, the gig ended and the attacks started. They started throwing bottles at the Australians and a couple of Singaporeans who were there. One bottle hit of the Australians head and she busted an artery in her head. So you can imagine the amount of blood that she lost that night. A few of them got hit my some bottles too but they were not “physically injured”. I saw t-shirt that she was wearing and it was drenched with blood.

There are a few things that I truly hate. One of them is the healthcare system and industry. She was driven to the hospital by two friends from here while two of her friends stayed back. I don’t understand this. You have someone drenched in blood and you can clearly see that this persyn needs immediate attention but you make them wait anyways. For hours! Because she had to wait for awhile, they decided to go to a private hospital nearby. There she was asked to pay a deposit of RM 3, 000 in order to get someone to attend to her. They went back to the public hospital and she was given 7 stitches, I suppose. I know that it’s no less than 7.

After the incident, one of her friends spoke to manager of the place to try to get the Nazi gig the following day banned. While the guy she spoke to understood the gravity of the issue, he asked her to call them back at 3pm the following day. They didn’t call and we didn’t hear that it was cancelled. Just so you know the persyn who spoke to him had blood splashed all over her face. Seriously, if that doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will.

Clearly, One Café, if I may quote my friend, is a capitalist scum. All they care is about making money. They don’t really give a shit about who does what there. As long as you can provide them the rent, that’s all that matters. Come on, the persyn who was talking to the manager or someone had blood splashed all over her face and the whole incident happen in the venue and they still wanted to consider canceling the gig the following day and subsequently banning those assholes. When someone from Crimescene unintentionally showed some penis (which means some pubic hair and skin), they totally flipped big time and almost stopped the show immediately. Was not there but that’s what I heard. Crimescene are banned from the venue. Or so I was told. So to be correct they just want “decent” shows and cash.

I don’t like that place but I don’t expect much of the place as it is not like Noisy, a community space. One Café is merely another café which is accessible and “affordable”. But I think even then they should have some sorta stand. Like some things are completely intolerable. I also question friends/punks who go to gigs at One Café. Why would you go to a place when you know the place has no sorta political stand or stand for that matter? I think it is very important how people associate or disassociate themselves with places or people who they know are, for the lack of better word, fucked up.

I was totally furious over the incident. From talking to a bunch of people after the incident, I learned that the punks always second thoughts on reacting against the Nazis as they know for a fact that those assholes have parang and other weapons in their cars and have crazy affiliations and connections.

One thing which I probably can’t stand is when people tell me “back in 1997…”, “back in the days…”, “you know, before you did it we used to…” I can’t stand it because I get it a lot. Wherever I go. Yeah, I understand you did it but please spare me the lecture. Anyways, from my conversation with people, this is what I can say, people should for one, take a stand and two, there needs to be some serious community building. I am not gonna go further into that as I don’t think it is appropriate to write about here. Anyways, my intention was to write about what happened and that was all but then I digressed.

Note: I wasn’t at the venue. This is based on stories which I heard from people. I also didn’t wanna use names as I don’t know how people would feel about their names being exposed so used “Australians” and “Singaporeans” instead.

2 thoughts on “nazi/punks/gigs/etc.

  1. hey there..its me again..first of all i think this kind of thing is disgrace to our a malay myself but truth be told i felt ashamed for this kind of act..i dont see a problem for ppl trying to take care of their own but when it comes to violence it is really unnecessary..i admit malay have a bit of inferiority issues but honestly this kind of act only deepen the if it means anything, i hope you dont judge the malay by this stupid bunch..and about the one cafe being a capitalist scum, i couldnt agree more..but the blame is on the organizer..i mean i you are a true punk rocker and have your own stand you should just organize it at your own community..honestly im sick of people labelling themself this and that and think that they are better than the other gig goers.

    • trust me, i had the same conversation with my friend about the organizers. my freind was like, “i cannot believe you are talking about the venue and the punks when the organizers should be responsible as well”. well, the organizers are gig goers/punks too. =)

      to me everyone plays a part. the organizers, the people who were there, the venue. you see, the organizers can stop organizing things there but if the venue were to keep providing the space to the nazi assholes to have gigs, then they will continue to do whatever that they want. and i think it is very problematic, if the punks are still friends with nazi assholes and do not tell them off or act when they invade punk shows. then again, i understand that sometimes it is not as easy as it may sound.

      but to be fair to the organizers, they did help a lot after the incident. they drove her to the hospital and used profits from the gig to pay the hospitals fees.

      generalization is bad. just because there a bunch of crazy assholes who believe that they are superior beings, that doesnt mean all “malays” or malays believe the same thing too.

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