AUKU & SEJARAH KEBANGKITAN MAHASISWA ‘60AN – Public Lecture oleh Fahmi Reza

Just so that you people know, fahmi’s presentation was last week so he will not be presenting anymore at this event. tonight’s presentation is by azmi sharom. he is a lecturer in university malaya.

fahmi is literally a “punk rock” h*storian.  he makes h*story fun and fresh with sex pistol music as soundtrack  and flashy colourful graphics.  unfortunately, he is somehow known as the infamous filmmaker of “10 tahun sebelum merdeka”, the cult documentary on malaya, the alternative constitution, and the “unwritten”, “unspoken”, “untold” h*story. i just think he is a lot more than just that film. anyways, he has moved on, i think. so now, he is talking about the student movement in the 60’s. so he is doing this public lecture thing on AUKU and the student movement in the 60’s. having done some research on the issue myself, i can tell that it was an interesting period. the environment was totally different. students had autonomy and was part of major decision-making processes and were not puppets of the adminstration. also the ethnic and religious divide was not as apparent as it is now which i personally find very interesting.

the 60’s was also the height of socialism, marxism, che guevara, maoism, and the likes. so a lot of the students were politically conscious and their statements and actions were also very much driven by their ideologies. it was not uncommon to see a bunch of students from UM to talk about how capitalism is ruining the lives of people and how the state should distribute wealth equally. anyways, it is a lot more interesting coming from fahmi than from me. so check out the details on the flyer and attend the lectures if you can!

Public lecture ini adalah siri pertama dari “AUKU Public Lecture Series” anjuran KLSCAH Youth, DEMA dan Malaysiakini. Maklumat lanjut: here

“Sebelum AUKU, mahasiswa ada union sendiri, ada student government yang demokratik, ada perlembagaan sendiri, ada bangunan sendiri, ada akhbar sendiri, ada bas sendiri, ada kantin sendiri… mahasiswa ada kebebasan dan ada autonomi…” — Fahmi Reza……………………………..Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU) 1971 sekali lagi menjadi perhatian umum bila empat mahasiswa jurusan Sains Politik UKM bakal dikenakan tindakan disiplin di bawah AUKU kerana didakwa melibatkan diri dalam kempen pilihanraya kecil Hulu Selangor.

Tetapi ramai yang sudah lupa bahawa suatu ketika dahulu pada zaman ‘60an, zaman sebelum AUKU, mahasiswa berada di barisan hadapan perjuangan politik menuntut hak mahasiswa dan mempertahankan hak asasi rakyat.

FAHMI REZA (pengarah dokumentari 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka & penyelidik sejarah gerakan mahasiswa), akan menyingkap semula sejarah disebalik penggubalan AUKU pada tahun 1971 yang lahir sebagai tindakbalas kerajaan terhadap kebangkitan gerakan mahasiswa di kampus Universiti Malaya pada penghujung tahun ‘60an.

5 thoughts on “AUKU & SEJARAH KEBANGKITAN MAHASISWA ‘60AN – Public Lecture oleh Fahmi Reza

  1. your blog and im not an anarchist but really am interested in few writtings by emme goldman but nobody to discuss it with..personally i think anarchy is more like a tool than a philosophy..well just a thought..and the fnb thing is cool..wish to join u guys someday..anyway i be glad if we can exchage thought and ideas.

  2. hey there,

    glad that you like the blog. let me recommend you one of my fav places to get free articles.

    you can talk to people who frequent this blog. just drop a line and we can get a discussion going. i would love to exchange ideas and thoughts with you. not that i have a lot of things to share but will try. =) i personally think anarchy is more of a spirit and it can be a tool, philopsophy and anything that you want.

    and yes, do join us if you have the time! and share your thoughts with us!

  3. thanks..u can add me at facebook if you want will be easier for us to discuss stuff..and do you really think that there is no need for a state?..i really think it is inevitable..anyway glad to know you..peace to all the black flag..=)

    • hey there,
      it would be a bit difficult for me to do that as i dont facebook. =S nevertheless, would be awesome to chat with you and exchange thoughts. if you live around PJ, then feel free to drop by to our house anytime. evenings would be best and we can have home cooked vegan food for dinner and chat about ideas/views/philopsophy or whatever that comes to mind. or else we can always bump into each other at some of these social events (exhibitions, forums, etc) and start talking. whatever which works and we will be here so no rush! see ya then!

  4. unfortunately i lived in penang..haha..nvm..maybe i’ll drop by at the fnb sometimes and we can discuss stuff..thanks

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