no longer a black house with red gate …

it was the only black house in the neighbourhood and i was very proud it. whenever people called me or the house to ask for direction, i would say, “it is a black house with red gate. it really hard to miss.” i have a standard script for direction to the house. i am generally really crappy at giving directions and roads and navigation but people always tell me that my direction to the house is always good. it is thanks to the standard script. i guess i can no longer say that. as you may have heard, we are moving out soon. so we had to re-paint the house to some neutral colour. so it is this off white shitty colour now. the house is so bright that it is hurting my eyes.

it was a sad sad day yesterday when we painted the walls off white. all those memories. i remember painting the walls black with two of my former housemates while listening to the strokes. hahahaha! i think we listened to something else after that. we just moved it at that time and we all hated the original musty yellow colour. but we could not decide on a colour. there were plenty of suggestions and black was one of it. i wanted my whole room which i shared with another friend back then to be painted black so i didnt have a problem with the house being painted black. at all. so one fine afternoon, we were sitting around talking about the painting the house and we thought we should just go ahead and paint it and if people dont like it , they can re-paint the walls. but no one did. so we had a black house for almost a year and a half, i suppose. and now it is gone. not exactly, it is still there underneath those layers of thick off white.

anyways, all good things must come to an end. whatever that means. i guess the end of this would mean beginning of a new thing. so looking forward to another black house!!!! and will keep you posted.

will upload some photos.

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