letters to doris

when i read his first zine/short story, bintang kertas, i was totally blown away. i could not put it down. i told every single persyn who i knew about his zine/short story and started distributing it. it was not just me being bias because he is a very good friend of mine but everyone else also was taken away by bintang kertas.

so his new zine is out. it is called letter to doris.  i have not read the whole thing yet but i can tell you that it is pretty good. i read bits of it last night when i was hanging around with him and other friends.  unlike the first one, this zine firstly is not a short story. they are mainly his thoughts and views on work, capitalism, queer, bicycles, and a lot more other things. again, as i said i have not read the whole zine yet. he also recently started taking a lot photographs. i have 3 of his photos on my bedroom wall. so this zine also includes some of artsy fartsy and maybe not so artsy fartsy photos of his.

if you gonna be at annexe later today, please drop by art for grabs to get his zine. he is only selling it for 3 bux which is really cheap.

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