happy 2010,

2009 has been messy for some, for me….

this blog has become one person’s rant…. it is not collectively driven anymore.

and that happens.. due to personality, bitterness and probably the “attitude”

anyway, i ‘m trying to see thing a fresh, my focus for the year are shifting — i suppose, my vision to “see” something deeper, meaningful has bite me self in the ass. it will be a year of reflection

thousand apologies to the people hurt, affected, and doomed by my mere existence, interaction, and pathologies.

i will continue on some how… in the mess of 2010!

cheerz to you!

FoodNotBombs-KL is still going, moving by two and half people, your future involvement and participation are widely appreciated…..

what’s next? – “ideological constitution & modes of organizing guideline” when this chapter cease, i think it’s important that people read about the mistakes, problems, successes, the good things about it…. and i think there should be some reminisce or dust stories to prevent it from reoccurring like dominance, self inaction due to appearance of control by some or reluctance to work with extrovert-like-dominance, the assertive and non-  assertive approaches; the obvious and not so obvious sexism,  ,

it would be especially useful in understanding power dynamics in collectives, the attempt to be “open”, transparent,   and people conflict. …

suggestions and people’s stories for the record are welcome.

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