THE CESSATION OF HOUSE !!! the Countdown!

this space in PJ has outlived for almost more than a year. much had happen here, workshops, meetings, conflicts, assholeness, awesomeness, drunken nights, party, bitching, film screening, bands playing, gardening, cleaning the house, luna’s poo , etc.

for all it’s worth, the landowner or the middle person want us to move out, and by the end of December 2009.

for all it’s worth, the house has been a worthwhile socio-political experiment .

a mini- library had been setted up, even a proper recording system has not been installed.

a mini-garden of veggies, eventhough people slack off due to various reasons.

and other things…. we have learned much and more to learn about community, “domestic politics”, sustainable living, and many many more.

THUS, people are preparing looking for alternatives.. other spaces for living and space for the operation of FNB-KL.

if you folks out there, know a cheap-ass place( for rent or even best for FREE), for both conditions, exclusively, and or mutually inclusive .

hopefully- hopefully with decent transportation system, and not too far away from KL.

anyway, the space might be going away, but we shall not let our spirits astray!

we shall constantly organize ourselves against the conditions of repression.

cheerz and love

2 thoughts on “THE CESSATION OF HOUSE !!! the Countdown!

  1. Oh no! That sucks lah.
    What’s happening to the compost bin? hehehe.
    I hope everything has worked out alright these past few months. I didn’t know about this until now.
    Hopefully another totes sik gila babi house starts up in KL.
    Love, Luke.

  2. oh, i should have updated this,

    the landowner/ middle person in charge decided to give “us” another six months….
    “we” shall be staying until july….
    should be looking at new places in starting next month or so…. possibly “separately” =S

    come help repaint this dump ya?!

    oh.. the compost… ha….. hmmmm died…
    someone is restarting it….. also making enzyme…!

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