Amor Fati Journal (preview) please support!

Dear all,

First of all I am sorry for the email address that I’ve been sending this call for donation concerning Amor Fati Journal, again. As for this is the last one. During these two years we’ve been trying to maintain the printing cost of the journal from our own pockets and some small donation. Up to the second edition we still lacking of management for the money that comes in and we ended up giving it up for free. And in the end there’s no money left for us to back up the cost of the third edition. We must say, although we are enormously please to see the report and feedbacks of our second issue of Amor Fati–and there are some reports that it’s been downloaded by 800 hundred people (mostly come from Indonesia) through the website—financial support for this sort of anti-authoritarian/anarchist publication are still very low in Indonesia. Whether our comrades and circle of friends are just too poor or have their own priorities for other projects, the only donation that comes in are quite small. In the third edition we are trying to make the layout and design more exciting and we want to put some colors on the front cover, in order for it can be more sellable. Until now we only can cover the cost of filming and papers in which we want to print it to 1000 exemplars. And since the last two monts we tried to gain fundraising it is still too small. We are making this last call for donation because if we can’t meet the demand for the printing cost to the end of the month, then we have to quit this publication and only making it in a pdf version for the last time. In this call for donation we will give you the low-res quality of the journal. We know that we are looking for donation from people abroad, and we are aware that most of you don’t understand Indonesian language. And the reason we are still doing this is because of various reasons which perhaps most of you already know. Much thanks for those who already support us.

No. Jenis Pekerjaan Harga 1 Film Rp. 650000

2 Kertas Isi HVS 70 Gr Rp. 2300000

3 Kertas Kover Artpaper 150 Gr (Paper) Rp. 250000

4 Ongkos Cetak (printing cost) Rp. 2150000

5 Finishing Rp. 100000

Total Rp. 5450000

Thanks, Amor Fati Crew Further details:


Amorfati #3 PREVIEW

Amorfati #3 PREVIEW2

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