monologue: revolutionary participation of the 23rd century

An outspoken and charismatic speaker no longer bears any meaningful self and collective “development”. it is nostalgia of a distant struggle, perhaps supported and perpetuated by the masses but it is recorded past that some might felt akin or “associated” – in spirit. following such leaders /movements are irrelevant. for it is not about the implication of change but change that implicates .

the hierarchy of the know-how in the “alternative” organizing has created an elite barrier. unfortunately, many groups /individuals still falls in a paradigmatic hierarchical structures . it is true that whatever methodologies are essentially “ladened” or perhaps that perspective itself should be brought into question.

but hierarchy; a distinguished form or modes of category – privileged epistemology are always intended to be “challenge” by the so call radicals, deviants of society, however, there are never fully realize the hierarchy of the will. our 23rd century sense of the “will” has been appropriately reconstructed by the system of expropriated exploitation. has it?

organized crime as organized resistance (against what?)

for making the initiation, taking away the instinct of fun and spontaneous thrill, a weekend get away — an unpremeditated experience in a premeditated contextualization. so where and what is the point in following the instincts of “having leisure time”; a break from what? preset alienating conditions imposed by the confinements of work, sleep, fuck, eat and play? are these the individual ultimate expression of the will and urges for freedom?

but there lack dialog, a monologue, it is.

differences in methodologies – superior and inferior or a “synthesis” that can not be synthesized…?
or in other words, priorities over the less “urgent” and such “mentality” would not reconcile-ate…? or it appears to “manage”….

because of “these” differences. a form of “collaboration” are hindered? or is it the lack or “evaluation”

it is a “career” that one seek? or is it something else, something so essential to abandon, to neglect?

to be continue……

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