death cause by police at G20

there is a new video just in the last few hours (I am posting this now
at 23:13, Berlin time), proving that an unprovoked attack by a masked UK
policeman is responsible for the death of an innocent bystander during
the G20 meeting in London a few days ago.

A quick search on Google for the name of the killed man:
Ian Tomlinson
…shows that as of now no international press at all is covering this
story. Please forward this immediately to every contact you can. We need
to make a huge issue of this immediately. All anti-repression groups
should look at this, and the guilty officer needs to be immediately
charged with murder.

Only our quick action can make this a reality.

UK Guardian articles:
G20 police assault revealed in video:
Footage shows Ian Tomlinson, the man who died during G20 protests in
London, being attacked from behind (by masked police)

further articles:

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