Alert: Release the Sarawak three

Dear Friends,
Friends of the Earth Malaysia is calling on you to speak out in support Of six indigenous Malaysians who were arrested and held without charge By the Malaysian police in Bintulu, Sarawak last December.
The two women and four men all come from Iban families that have Regularly defended their land from plantation and logging companies. Three of the six continue to be Detained under an unjust Malaysian law that says they can be held for up To 60 days without trail.
The prisoners are being held without substantiated evidence against them And continue to be denied certain human rights. One of the women is a Breastfeeding mother That was not allowed to see her daughter for over a week until Friends Of the Earth Malaysia appealed to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission.
We cannot let these innocent Malaysians suffer any longer without a fair Trail. Please lend your support and demand the immediate release of the Sarawak three.
Take action now!
Thanks for your support,
Friends of the Earth International

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