TERBIAR @ LostGeneration ArtSpace

“Tempat terbiar. Orang terbiar. Jiwa terbiar.” – Hakim Bey

For four years, LostGen Art Space, has been Malaysia’s only independent residential artist’s colony.

And they are moving!

Due to unscrupulous landowners, they are relocating to Seputeh, so this is your last chance to visit the gorgeous Lorong Permai bungalow.

In honour of the closing, LostGen presents TERBIAR.

Terbiar is a one hour theatre performance and artists-sharing on the theme of abandoned buildings and abandoned people. Presented by the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company, it is accompanied by a swathe of performances and artworks from previous LostGen members.

Entry is by whatever you can afford to pay.


Saturday MARCH 21st – LostGen, 11, Lorong Permai, Brickfields, KL.

7.30pm till 12am. No entry after 9.00pm.

Also, 3 till 6 Fallen Leaves will be providing a workshop on interactive theatre and drama advocacy. LIMITED SPACES available. Please email or call 0129357790 to arrange a booking.

This is your last chance to visit Lorong Permai, and your best chance to witness malaysia’s premier arts advocacy theatre group in its first site-specific production

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