IWD: radical feminist picnic, 7th March 2009


Dear all,

in conjunction with the international womyn’s day, a bunch of us (the no name collective), Innerview and Katagender will be organizing a few things to commemorate the struggles of our sisters.

date: 7th March 2009, saturday
time : 11.00 am – 5.00 ish
venue : rumah FNBKL/PONYO

1. sexuality workshop by Katagender
What is the Malaysian preoccupation with sex? What does our sexual identity have to do with what we can say, do, expect or demand? Is sexuality a private issue or a matter of public interest? Do Malaysians have any rights when it comes to sexuality?

Mengapa rakyat Malaysia asyik tertarik dgn isu seks? Apakah kaitannya dengan identiti kita dan apa yang boleh kita buat, bicara, jangka dan minta? Adakah seksualiti satu perkara peribadi ataupun hal orang ramai? Adakah rakyat Malaysia mempunyai hak-hak yang berkaitan dengan seksualiti?

(write up by katagender)

2. DIY cloth pad

we are finally gonna do this. i quote my friend, “tak radical la kalau beli kotex!!!” (please replace brand if you dont use kotex)
for this session please bring your own cloth (the older and softer the better. and no polyester or nylon. flannel shirts and pyjamas would be best), good morning towels, ole terrycloth towels, needle and thread, stud buttons.

the average womyn will use around 17,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime and pads and tampons are made from products which non-biodegradable.

3. screening + discussion
libertarias or leila khaled:hijacker
both films are equally good and they talk about particpation of womyn in revolution.

4. picnic
the whole event is called the radical feminist picnic (how awesome is that name?). so yeah, we need to have a picnic. to our benefit, we have a park right in front of the house so we will have the picnic there and some of the events in the park out there. we’ll have food, music,company and trees. 🙂 now it sounds like a hippie event. oh well.

5. print your own t-shirts

a friend of us from Innerview designed something for the event. so if you bring your own t-shirts, you’d be able to print them yourself. we are going all out with this DIY thing.

for more information on womyn’s day, you can check out mockmeat.wordpress. (which is here)

it would be great if you could RSVP so that we can anticipate the number of participants and prepare the necessary items. you can drop a comment here or sms or call this number : 017 630 6795

hope to see you there at the picnic!

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