Book Project: “What’s After SPM?”

a dear friend of ours is doing this project. see if you can contribute. if you cant please forward this.
Hi there
I would like to extend a special invitation to you, here goes –
A few of us had this crazy idea to bring together strories of 100 young Malaysians, who have explored different paths in their lives.  This initiative aims to spark some inspirations for SPM leavers, in hopes of reaching out to those kids and say “hey there, you could do anything you want – all it takes is a bit keyakinan, a little bit of strategi, a little bit of tuah, and lots and lots of semangat dan usaha.”
This is a completely random, non-profit project; None of us is committed to any organisation, just simply brought together for this project and are bound by sincere enthusiasm for youth empowerment and community service.

You can read more about this project here:

We will choose 100 stories to be published by end of this year and more inspiring stories will be available on the blog.

I truly believe that you should be included in this book and share your experience with others.  Think about this – boleh? 🙂

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