we need donations
FNBKL has been serving/tabling food to the homefree for the past 8 years and we are able to do so thanks to the very kind donations that we get for very nice people like you. lately, we have not been receiving that much donations and so we have been using quite a substantial amount of money to make sure that we can continue serving/tabling. we dont have that much money left and also we need to use the cash that we have currently for other things. we are trying to raise some fun(d) for it but at the same time we would also like to ask if you would like to donate some stuff to us.

things that we need:

1. rice – we cook about 5 kg of rice every sunday, for each serving

2. cordial – we make our own drinks.

3. sugar- we usually use about 2kg of sugar every sunday for the drinks

4. oil

you can also give us spices, salt, and things like that. but those 4 things which are mentioned above are the things that we badly need.

besides the things, we also need people like you to come and help out –  cook, chop, and clean. volunteers are always welcomed. we start cooking 2ish at the house/PONYO. we leave the house at about 5.30 pm. we start serving/tabling at 6pm. at bukit nanas. if you have a car, thats great! you can also help to drive the food from the house to bukit nanas.

if you are interested, either to volunteer or to donate, please do not hesitate to call us. you may call this number 017 6306795 or the house (cant recall the number – will update soon).  or drop a comment here.

thank you so much.

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