hello body art lovers,

a friend from Jogjakarta who also happens to be kick ass tattoo artist is here in KL for a short visit and a performance. while he is here, he, Sonno, will be conducting a tattoo workshop this Thursday at Ricecooker Shop in Annexe, Central Market.


date: 26th Feb 2008, Thursday

time: 4.00 or 5.00 pm

venue: Ricecooker Shop

besides that, Sonno and some other artists from KL, Rahmat Haron and Mellisa Lin just to name a few, will be doing this collaborative performance at Valentine Willie Art Gallery on (will insert the date here soon).

these are some pictures of Sonno tattooing someone in KL. these are very recent, btw.


  1. hey,
    all you have to do is be there at ricecooker shop which is in annexe, central market tmr around 5ish. thats it. no charges what so ever. for direction please go to ricecooker.kerbau
    he is up for tattooing people so if you get there early, you can probably get an appointment with him.
    i can tell you that he is really really really good. trust me i am really happy with his work. bring your design and he will do it for you for a very reasonable price. and he is also up for teaching a thing or two about tattooing.
    and you can also catch him tonite at valentine willie art gallery at 8. this gallery is in telawi 3 bangsar. he will be collaborating with some local artists – Rahmat Haron and Mellisa Lin for a very special art performance.

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