what it is to you if i sleep naked?!!

this whole drama with these nude pix is just fuckin ridiculous. what is it too anyone if anyone sleeps naked? does it mean that you are less of a persun if you do so?

just because she is a womyn and single, they wanna play this whole moral card on her. kononnya, like to say that she is loose and wild la because she has a couple of nude pictures. so what? is being naked wrong? why is that the body is such a taboo thing that we cant even show it or speak about it? we should be celebrating our beautiful bodies instead. not be ashamed of it. using a womyn’s body to control her and to push her around is really crazy. and people should know better. just because you have a couple of nude pictures, that doesnt make you… it doesnt mean anything. to make someone quit their job and to question their credibility over something as small as a bunch of nude pictures is really insane. to me, this translates as i cant sleep naked, i cant have sex, i cant express my sexuality. and again, these are all ways to control womyn and tell them how they should act and what is right and what is wrong.

all these dirty patriarchal politics are fuckin fucked up. people should be like whatever and not buy into this. and yeah, condemn it as well.

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