Date : January 31st and February 1st 2009
Time : 10am-10pm
Venue : FNB House, No. 14, Jalan Jelawat 8/10, PETALING JAYA
Resource person: Ong BK -10 years experience as organic farmer in Penang
Entry : RM30.00 per head or lower / free for unemployed/students (cover all meals, notes)
Participants number: 10-20
Attire : gardening attire – something you can afford to let it dirty!
Contact : 03-79550941 or 017 6306795 or 013 2437092

Modules: Talk X 4, Practical X4, DIY cooking X 4, Film Screenings X 2

Day 1
10.00am :
Arrival of participants, Talk 1: What is organic food- Myth and misunderstanding
11.00am: 1st practical : gardening around FNB house
1.00pm: Organic lunch 1 -healthy cooking class and lunch -yummy sprouts, DIY soya milk
3.00pm : Talk 2 : composting & ways to fertilise your garden
4.00pm : Practical 2 : Doing a compost & collecting organic fertiliser
6.00pm : Organic dinner 1: DIY noodles ! Pasta dinner
8.00pm: Film screening 1 : Fast Food Nation -are you eating too much `excreta'(ie shit) in your next burger? A company investigation into the cowdung content in their company’s burger led a young executive to a startling expose of a link between foreign workers and the foreign matter in the burger. The truth is worst than shit, for sure! The film also shows a small band of animal liberationist students trying to set free a herb of cows-but the cows refused to run for freedom-what’s wrong???
10.00pm: discussion and evaluation for 1st day
11.00pm: end for Day 1

Day 2

10.00am: Practical 3: gardening -biodiversity: seeds issues, herbs tour and identify edible herbs
12.00noon: Talk 3: How to organically keep pests away
1.00pm : Organic lunch 2: DIY pau & soya burger. Making DIY paper
3.00pm : Talk 4: Seeds & herb talk
4.00pm : Practical 4: gardening & identifying natural pest repellant eg neem/mambu
6.00pm: Organic dinner 2: Wild herb & hot sauces
8.00pm: Film screening 2 : GMO are coming (title to be confirmed)
9.00pm : discussion and evaluations-giving away organic gardening certs! Brief intro on various o/farms in Malaysia-including Penang Organic Farm
11.00pm: end!


* for those who have plan to stay after the 1st day session, can do so, we do prepare space/house for participants to stay.
*eventhough the workshop is limited to 20 participants, friends can come to volunteer/help, or just to hangout. The foodnotbombs cooking, serving/tabling on Sunday will happen as usual, so we need extra people/volunteer to help with serving and workshop. Call us if you are interested to help. thank you!
*if u have gardening tools at home, bring them on.tq.

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