campus election: updates

i dunno how many people here are actually interested to know about campus election. i received a couple of updates early this morning at 5ish. i checked malaysiakini and there was no news about it. so i will put it up here. btw, i really dont know how it works. it is too complicated for my simple mind. and i really could not be bothered to figure it out.

the pro-mahasiswa (the opposition) won 8 general seats. another source tells me that, “pro-m sapu bersih kerusi general” the direction translation would be “pro m swept it clean”. so i assuming that they won big. 

these are the results for faculty. the break down: 

  • 1 science faculty 
  • 2 bahasa melayu studies
  • 2 law 
  • 1 language 
  • 1 dental
  • 1 medicine
  • 1 education
  • 1 culture centre (i have never heard of this place)
  • 2 islamic studies
  • 1 FPP (no idea)

this is only in UM, university malaya. 

the campus elections are always pretty similar to the general election and vice versa. maybe because they are all affiliated to each other. i dunno. so even the campaign techniques and also the dirty tricks that they play are also the same. they bribe, and place pig heads at the surau, and so on. both these tricks were used during the by-election in KT and for some other political thing. 

UM has been “governed” by the ruling party, aspirasi for so long and they won because there was some intervention by the management/admin because the opposition kids were just too goddamn radical! so i was told. end of last year, the VC of UM was changed. she was pretty much sacked. thats a whole different issue but during her time and the previous people, the ruling party have stayed in office. now that we have changed the VC, pro m are getting more votes. hmmm…. 

the thing is the campus elections are pretty lame. there is no campaigning. i have been there for two elections. i have yet to see a campaign. what you usually see are banners hanging everywhere, and flyers pasted all over the place. the candidates get 4 days, including the weekend to officially campaign in the faculty. most of the brainwashing  campaigning happens in the hostels, or what we call here the colleges, where almost all of them are the 1st year students. the ones from matriculation will be a bit more pro-m and the ones who really want to stay in the hostels, have no other choice beside voting for aspirasi. because before the election, the management will have a meeting and use a little psycho technique to get you to vote for the ruling party. they scare the crap out of you. they tell you that you will pretty much wont have a place to stay in the hostel if you dont vote for the ruling party. and the oppositions are also not allowed to campaign in the hostels. 

i guess this year was different because they could not exploit all the 1st year kids as the election was pushed from first semester of the academic year to the second semester. so they cant really use the “i am gonna kick your sorry behind out of this hostel” trick because they cant. it would not make sense. they are already there. so what they are gonna look for all the kids who voted against them and kick them out in the middle of the semester? i pity the 1st year kids because they are always used as their ways and means to win the election. 

i dunno if pro-m is gonna do anything different but they have done way more things like the whole abolishing auku thing, isa and they also have responded to global issues (i dont agree at all with their polarizing ways but they are more of a movement rather than a party which the student admin/management have created for their own benefit). it is fucked up that they are affiliated  to political parties (which they deny all the time) and they have such huge gender gaps (which is fuckin worrying because the girls dont say anything much and just follow) and they are also polarized by their ethnic. with them having more say now, i foresee a lot of ceramah agama, dress codes, and shit like that. how fun!

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