this saturday is all about:tea/chekodok/lempeng/letters/candles

Dear everyone,

this saturday is all about letter writing in the park while sipping some sweet sweet awesome tea and munching on some very delicious home made lempeng/pan cake with peanut butter (if we can afford it) or sugar.

the queer/feminist bloc and kudeta will be organizing a letter writing session in the park and after that a candle light vigil as a reaction to the conflict/war in palestine.


letter writing session the park

which park? there are so many parks?

date: 17th jan 2009, saturday
time: 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
venue: KLCC park

candle light vigil

date: 17th jan 2009, saturday
time: 7.00 pm
venue: BB

so the plan is to sit at the park and write letters and then at about 6pm walk to BB for a candle light vigil. bring whatever necessary; pencil, paper, laptop, mac book, placards, guitars, candles, tea, coffee, whatever. anything which feels hippie like.

what’s with the letters?

i think we have nothing good to say about israelis. we always assume that all isrealis are in support of the occupation and war. but the truth is, there are israelis whom are against the occupation and dont want to support the war at all and they are not willing to compromise their principles for anything and rather end up in prisons. military service is mandatory after high school for young jewish israelis. so it is very simple, you dont wanna join the army, then go to prison. so what we are going to do on saturday is pretty simple; write letters to them to show support and that they are not alone. send them some message of love and support. and we are sending the letters to this particular group; the group is called december 18th.

not another vigil!
this candle vigil is to remember and mourn the death, the rape, abuse, and murder of the war victims in you know the drill. bring placards, candles, banners, and yourself.

that’s about it. hope to see you at the park and/or vigil!

p.s: if you are there and you cant seem to find u do give us a call. the number the call/sms 017 630 6795.

the queer/feminist bloc consists of people who consider themselves queer or feminist and queer/feminist collectives/movements. it is not a collective/movement/NGO and the bloc belongs to everyone. anyone can use the name of the bloc. so go ahead and run with it! whereas kudeta is a collective which has been around for quite some time. they have done a lot on no g8, anti-homophobia, and now they are moving on to other stuff.

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