go organic: awesome compost workshop

Dear good people, 

FNBKL will be organizing a compost workshop this Thursday. Wait. Thursday? But why Thursday?!  We are really sorry about this. That’s like the only day that we can do it. The resource persun/friend, Luke, who is currently here in KL for a visit will be leaving to Australia the day after so we hope you’ll understand.

A little bit on composting/compost

By composting, you can help the composting cycle work even better than it does in nature. The organic waste you put back into the environment can be used by other living things. This way, instead of going to a landfill or garbage-burning plant, your wastes become valuable resources.

Why compost?

  • Reduce waste sent to landfill.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Reuse organic materials.
  • Recycle natural nutrients.
  • Improve soil without chemicals.
  • Produce rich humus for plants.
  • Save money on chemical fertilizers

The humus you produce can be:

  • Used as a lawn dressing.
  • Dug into your garden in the fall or spring.
  • Added to houseplants.
  • Used as a potting and seed starting mix.

It adds valuable nutrients to the soil, acts as a natural slow-release fertilizer and helps retain soil moisture.

So in this workshop, Luke will be teaching us on how to build our own compost bin from scratch. He will mainly use wood (planks), chicken wire, nails, and things like that to build the compost bin. (Please refer to the attached document) So you are more than welcomed to actually bring those stuff to the house during the workshop to build your own awesome compost bin. 


Date: January 15th 2009, thursday
Time: 4pm (the workshop will probably take 3 to 4 hours so please join us after work. :))
Venue: PONYO (map)

p/s: do not go out and buy planks unless if you really have to. you’ll probably find some good planks lying around in your neighbourhood. just take them. 

please RSVP if you are coming. 

thank you.lukes-compost-bin-dream

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