books/e-books you should read

we ended up having lunch at this awesome tempe place in sunway yesterday. and it is very common for us to end up lepak-ing and talking about random stuff after we are done with our food. we talked about new years resolutions, literature, prasasti (Alind’s zine), Michel Foucault, Chomsky, books and a bunch of other stuff. we are pretty random. 

and when it came to books, we all agreed that they are fucking expensive and how classic  malay literature books are very rare and becoming very rare due to Islamization. or something like that. and we also dont do much reading.  exactly why sometimes names of thinkers and the things that they have said seem so foreign to us. or maybe we just have little interest in philosophy. i dunno. 

anyways, cutting the story short, since books are so goddamn expensive then we should opt for e-books. its maybe not the same having a book but its a hell lot cheaper. its FREE! 

so woke up this morning and thought that i should post this. 

this was a book which was recommended by a friend. then Poodien, emailed the link to all of us so that we can all download the book and read it. i downloaded it but i am still looking for time to read it. 🙂 yeah, so, yeah, we should share things like this. 

yes, the book. it is called The Pirate’s Dilemma and it is by Matt Mason. probably you have heard of it or have read it.

Here is the link

*change the amount to $0.00 and click ‘checkout’, put some of ur basic data and wholla! (from the email Poodien sent to all of us way back in October)

Also check out his website. Its pretty cool.

you know, if we can all read it, probably we can start an online discussion or whatever about it here at mockmeat. if you have read it, please feel free to comment. and also if you have other books which you think are worth reading, please share it with us. from our talk at the tempe shop, there were some other books that we talking about. hopefully we can find the e version of it. 

happy reading!

and yeah, totally forgot about this. we also have a little “library” at PONYO. the books range from arts to politics and womyn. we also a have a little collection of zines. you can always drop by the house to check the “library” out and  also to do some reading. we are open every single day.

2 thoughts on “books/e-books you should read

  1. we have stuff on womyn, arts, philosophy, a few books on hiv, international relations, and a bunch of zines. coma and have a look!

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