Bukit Aman records alleged police torture victim’s statement

Tarani Palani | Jan 2, 09 9:13pm
Bukit Aman officials today recorded a statement for a 27-year-old carpark attendant who alleged he had been assaulted and had boiling hot water poured on him by police during an interrogation session.

B Prabakar had on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the police headquarters requesting them to investigate the alleged police abuse against him.

He had claimed that he was picked up from his work place at Sri Hartamas on Dec 23 and taken for interrogation at the Brickfields police district headquarters where he was repeatedly beaten, kicked and stepped on by at least 10 police personnel.

He said the police officers involved then scalded him with boiling water after he could not identify several persons in some photographs.

Prabakar further said that during his five-day remand period, police had hung a long piece of cloth from the interrogation room ceiling and tied it around his neck while he stood on a chair. They then threatened to knock away the chair, he said.

Prabakar added that he was now worried over what has happened to his 18-year-old cousin, C Soloman, who was also picked up by police on the same day as him. His location to date is still unknown.

man-tortured-at-brickfields-police-station-311208-b-prabakar-01Prabakar (left) was released from his remand on police bail by the magistrate’s court on Dec 28 pending a court appearance on Jan 11.

Cousin’s statement recorded too

Earlier today, a group of 60 people had gathered at the Brickfield’s police district headquarters to voice concern over Prabakar’s allegations.

They were led by PKR Kapar Member of Parliament, S Manikavasagam, Prabakar’s lawyer, N Surendran, and NGO Police Watch representative, S Jayathas.

After the group was told that the case was being handled by Bukit Aman, they headed for the national police headquarters where an investigating officer by the name of Mohd Faizal from Bukit Aman’s Prosecution and Legislation Unit took down statements from Prabakar and his mother, N Rani.

Cousin’s whereabouts unknown 

Meanwhile, concern was expressed over the fate of Prabakar’s cousin, Soloman.

“When asked about Soloman, the officer pretended not to know anything. After pressing him on the matter several times, he then admitted that a statement had been taken from Soloman,” said Surendran

Manikavasagam said that Soloman’s whereabouts were unknown. “Whether he is alive or dead, we don’t know. He is only 18 years old so maybe he is very afraid.”

Surendran expressed regret that action had yet to be taken towards the 10 police officers involved in Prabakar’s alleged abuse.

“None of the 10 police officers, including one female officer, have been suspended,” he said.

Prabakar said that he will not be contented until action is taken against the police officers involved in the assault against him.

He had previously on Dec 30 lodged a police report on the abuseat the Sentul district police headquarters.


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