Critical Mass solidarity ride and Candlelight vigil

On 20th of December at 10.50 p.m, a collective of friends consisting of people from Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur,Critical Mass Kuala Lumpur and the buskers off Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur held a candle light vigil in Bukit Bintang in conjunction of

•the international solidarity call for action for the Greece uprising
•and against the state police brutality and intimidation that were done on the JERIT cycling campaign on I.S.A(internal security act)awareness and the call for a minimum wage for the workers in the private sector.

Critical Mass started cycling from the Central Market and from there we ride to Bukit Bintang where we converge with our waiting friends.Bukit Bintang is a shopping hub where there is quite a considerable mass traffic of people shopping and hanging out,it is also a place where independent local artisan do performance and busking.

When we start our candlelight vigil there was no local police presence and there were a lot of crowd presence due to people checking out some street performance nearby. We chose Bukit Bintang because we hope we can create awareness on the shooting of Alexis and the people’s uprising that followed after that and also to disseminate info on the police harassment that have been brought on the JERIT cycling campaign and also to talk about police brutality to the people.

The police in Malaysia are quite notorious for their “shoot first ask question later” technique on suspects. The police always justify death of shooting with “the suspects tried to attack police with “machete”or “suspects” shoot their way out and to ensure public safety police gun down suspects”. News appear nearly everyday on mainstream papers on death by police shooting that will always be accompanied by suspects being a foreigner and is wanted and very dangerous.The most well know of death by police is of Francis Udayappan that was brutally killed while in police custody and his body dumped into the Klang River nearby the Brickfields police station.For more info visit

For more info on JERIT’s campaign:

From Malaysia with LOVE and RAGE and for the insurrection to come.

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