Report from Greece Solidarity Protest in Pittsburgh

December 13: Eighteen protesters gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to send a visible message of solidarity to our comrades struggling in Greece. The protest sought to create an inclusive space in which the radical community locally could come together, and individuals could bring their own messages of resistance.

The protest was held outside the Pittsburgh Police Zone 2 Headquarters in the Hill District, a fitting location given the police’s universal role as agents of state control and repression. Flyers were handed out to passing drivers and pedestrians explaining the situation in Greece and related police killings there to the police violence and the specific killing of Michael Ellerbe locally.

The event was organized by a few individuals with three days of outreach. Due to these time constraints, it wasn’t endorsed by any one local group, but attendees did include members of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group ( and Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective ( Turnout was fairly small by Pittsburgh standards, and in organizers’ views reflected the cold weather, timing (before noon on a Saturday), the lack of a known organization backing the event, and the somewhat fractured nature of the anarchist community in Pittsburgh recently. The last fact is hopefully something events like these can play a small role in reversing.

Police presence was non-existent at the start. An officer eventually locked the door to the station, but none of them ventured outside. This lack of response, and the quizzical looks of cops driving away from the station, suggests they simply didn’t know it was going to happen.

We hope, and expect, that Pittsburghers will continue manifesting their solidarity in other direct, creative, and relevant ways throughout the city. Given the recently released call for an international day of action on December 20 we hope to begin discussing additional mobilizations in the coming days.

For social revolution against the state and agents of repression,

Organizers can be contacted at:

    **Resources on the Greek Struggle**
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