15 years old anarchist killed by Cops in the Center of Athens reports the video from the murder anda video from theAthens Riots

15 years old anarchist killed by Cops in the Center of Athens reports the video from the murder anda video from theAthens Riots

***We update this feature more than often.. We are translating reports and announcements from Greek websites and blogs. We want to apologizes if there are grammatically mistakes … if you wat to contribute with translations , reports and so on please contact us at balkan-infoshop at lists.riseup.net ****

Saturday night at 21.30 in the center of Athens a young boy was murdered by the cops. The murder happened after a small group of anarchists argued with the crew of patrol police car. The anarchist didnt have with them any petrol bombs nor carrying stones or other weapons nether.

The boy was killed in front of some eyewitness , the place is very crowded with a lot of busy bars around , especially the Saturday night. One of the policemen shot at and killed in cold blood the 15 years old young boy.

The two policemen left the boy dead on the ground. The names of the policemen who killed the boy are Epaminodas Korkoneas (37 years old) and Vasilis Saraliotis (31 years old).

After a night of rage , a day of revolt

All around Greece riots and demonstrations are taking place at the moment. Demonstrators attacked police departments ,burned patrol cars and banks.

Demonstrations, riots and solidarity actions are taking place (or took place) at the moment in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Sparta, Mitilini, Alexandroupolis, Ksanthi, Volos and many more places.

riots as an answer to the state repression and a political mobilization in Greece


* a brief report from Athens

7/12: More than 1000 anarchists/autonomous and others started riots the same night around the politechnical university in the center of Athens. That university has been a symbol of the greek radical resistance for many years. The police arrested 7 persons.

– 7/12: Demonstration : 10.000 people from different political groups participated.

**7/12: a report from the demo in Athens by a participant

Hello, just got back from the center of Athens. There’s a lot going on, I’m not sure if I can describe it correctly. Today a march was decided for yesterdays murder of 15 year old Alex. Many people came, ecologists, leftists, anarchists, it was the largest march of this kind I’ve attended to. About 7-10 thousand literaly occupied the center of athens. From the begining the atmosphere was electrified, we knew that this was not to be a peacfull marching but no one went to leave because of this. Along the way the scenary was full of anger, fires, chasing and gas bombs, we were beaten and splitted up but some of us managed to get to the central police station of athens, the ending of this march. People were trying to reform groups, some of them decided to go to the parliament instead and finally after 3 hours we started gathering back to the occupied polytechnical school. As far as I know there are a few arrests and only a few injuries.

Since yesterday many bank atm and banks are burnt to the ground, attackes to police stations around Greece have happened and still are happening, there are occupied universities and still people are out fighting the state forces.
I’m sorry I can’t say more right now, I tried to give you an idea of the feeling that is all around us.

it’s payback time you bastards

– High school Students with a chain of sms call for a demonstration in Athens at 8/12 .

– 7/12: Riots started from members and fans of AEK / Athens football club around OAKA field

-7/12 The university of law occupied by students

– demonstration on Monday 8/12 at 18.00 in the central offices building of the university of Athens (propilea)

– 8/12 The university of finances occupied by students, anarchists, workers, young immigrants. Assemblies, creation of a blogspot, preparations to keep it open in case of police attack so that people can meet there, discuss, be secured from police…

– 8/12 The students call for a general assembly of all the faculties in order to decide about a general strike and possibly occupations of the universities (more info soon)

– 8/12 street fights , barricades and riots in front of the Parliament , some of the biggest riots of the last days. City center smashed, big buildings on fire, rioting continues till now 02.00 .
Government fears of attacks against the house of the Prime Minister…
Goverment denies rumours abbout martial law. Tomorrow 9/12 Prime Minister meets with the President and leaders of all parties to discuss about the crisis.

– 8/12 Prisoners in Greek prisons after fighting for their rights one month ago with a huge collective hungerstrike, decided to abstain from the jail meals tomorrow as a sign of solidarity with the actions and the family of the comrade-child.

– 8/12 86 people arrested and many in hospital because of beaten up or breathing problems.

photos from the riots in Athens 7/12

Athens by night photos : 8/12


8/12Report from an activist who was there: Today schools were closed either by decision of both students and teachers or by occupying them. About 12:30 a growing march reached the central police station of Peiraius, the 2nd largest in athens. Already “visited” were another minor police department in peraius and the Shipping Ministry. 300 hundred students marched and attacked the police station throwing anything they could find, rocks, sticks, even oranges!

The front side of the police station is a total wreck, and all police cars and motorbikes are burned or destroyed. No other car or shop was harmed. In front of the police station were dragged 2 motorbikes and were set on fire. More people joined from Peiraius University and comrades from nearby areas and then 5 police squads came and attacked.

But students were full of rage and despite continuing chasing they were not to give up. In a while a student was arrested and a fucking cop in civilian clothing started beating him in front all of us. This caused a mass attack from the people and a counterattack from the cops where one man who protested for their attitude was arrested too. The central road was still closed when I left and as far as I know there are still students there fighting after 5 hours!

* a brief report from Chania

7/12: Anarchists burned state cars in the morning , more information soon (we will start updating this page as many times as possible)

* a brief report from Sparta (southern Greece)

7/12: Members of the anarchists/autonomous assembly of the city started to write slogans on the walls of state buildings. The police wasnt there just an undercover bastards car, who when they saw the people writing on the wall left.

8/12 anarchists thrown stones and other objects in a state building.

* a brief report from thessaloniki

7/12: All the anarchist groups as well as extra parliamentary ultra left groups call for a demonstration.

-7/12: Around 200 people attacked with petrol bombs and riots in the center of the city near the white tower. Afterwards the anarchists moved into the university and the special forces of the police surrounded the space

– 7/12: Anarchists occupied the school of theater in the city, the cops answered with tear gass. At the moment the people are trapped inside because the university is surrounded by the police

* a brief report from Alexandroupolis

7/12: people gathered in front of the police station

* a brief report from Patra

7/12: more than 300 people gathered for a demonstration in memory of Alexandros Andreas Grigoropoulos. The demo hasn’t ended yet, because protests are not extinguished by tear gases as they’ve just done here at the center of the city. People are still around in the streets.
It’s gonna be a long night tonight.

-7/12 five people arrested by the police in Patra

– 8/12 one person is still arrested

* Volos (central greece)

7/12 A demonstration took place at 18.00. More than 15 banks smashed by the demonstrators.

* Giannena

7/12 street fighting is taking place now in the city . more than 500 people on the streets

* Corfu

7/12 more than 100 anarchists joined a demonstration in Corfu. The block of the anarchists burned an atm bank machine. An other block of members of extra parliamentary groups joined the demo as well

* Karditsa (north Greece)

Organizations and groups call for a demonstration on Monday 8/12

* Korinthos

various groups call for a demonstration Monday 8/12 (more info soon)

* Larisa

call for a demonstration on Monday 8/12 (more info soon )

* Island of Naxos

A demonstration will take place on Monday 8/12 at 13.00

* Iraklio Crete

7/12 Around 200 people gathered in Iraklio protesting for the murder of the young boy. During the demo the protesters threw stones to a police station and the courthouse building

some photos here:

* Pirgos (southen greece)

8/12 A group of 10 people attacked the court house of the city with petrol bombs and shouted slogans for the murdered child

* Drama (north Greece)

8/12 the central police station smashed by a group of people

— solidarity actions already took place in other countries–

* In Zagreb anarchists organized a solidarity action in the greek embassy

* In Berlin a solidarity action organized by autonomous groups at 7/12 around 300 people joined the protest.

8/12 new protest in Berlin , the greek embassy occupied

photo from the occupation

* Hamburg around 200 people participated in a solidarity demonstration

* London call by greek anarchists for a demonstration on Monday 8/12 at Hyde Park Corner (Marble Arch) at 9.30 in the morning . The greek embassy occupied photo here:

* 8/12 Edinburgh Solidarity picket 1pm Monday 8 Dec at the Greek Consulate, 12 Queen’s Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 2 AZ

On Saturday, December 6, police shot and killed teenager Alexandros-Andreas Grigoropoulos in Athens. Greek activists have called for solidarity actions to take place, while people are on the streets in Greece, protesting against police violence.
Be at Hyde Park Corner tomorrow morning at 9:30 sharp, as the demonstration will leave immediately towards Olympic Airways and the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

from Uk indymedia

*8/12 Wienna : solidarity protest (more info soon)

All of the info are translated into English from greek

I invite all the greek radicals to send news , corrections , updates to the editiorial team of the balkans.puscii.nl at balkans-infoshop@lists.riseup.net ,

Solidarity is our weapon

Revolt against the State violence

no justice , no peace , fuck the police

ps: sorry for grammar errors and mistakes but we try to translate as fast as possible


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