Remembrance of Transgender Day

ok, i was supposed to this earlier for someone but then again i was bloody pre-occupied with something. finally, the persun, was like”do you want me to do it instead?” and i was, “YES, PLEASE. TAKE THIS FUCKIN BURDEN OFF ME!!!” but anyways, now that i have sometime to spare, actually, i dont but i think there should be more original stuff here and we shud start documenting whatever that we do/organize so i am just gonna suck it up and do it.

so i recently i was invited to join this lgbtiq community project as a contributor to their blog. just for the record i hate blogging. i said yes anyways. i have a huge problem saying no.

soon later, i was told that 20th November is the remembrance of transgender day. so on this day we memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. although not every person represented during the Day of Remembrance self-identified as transgender, each was a victim of violence based on bias against transgender people.

On average two transgender people are murdered each month, according to global figures. This year alone 26 transgender people were killed. Out of the 26 recorded murders this year all were brutally violent, apart from one person who died by drowning – a pattern which has repeated over the past ten years and 245 murders. In the Middle East and some parts of Asia and India murders are still rife and often they’re committed by law officials so the deaths are not recorded.

so after talking to a couple of friends, we decided to organize an event to remember those whom have died due to transgender hate crimes.since we could not do it on that date itself, 20th Nov, we decided to postpone it to the 22nd. we secured a venue at the annexe, central market, got a great movie on the issue called Like a Virgin, candles, and prepared some fliers to explain what was the day all about.

of course, as usual, we can never be punctual. so instead of starting at 8pm, we began at 8.40ish. a friend, Yuki, was there to share her experience as a transsexual. i have to say, she did amazing. she began with her life story and how it was being a transsexual. it was amazing how open she was with the subject. she held nothin back. some shared her anger and sadness but some felt uncomfortable. it was that real. then, she read out the names of people who were killed due to the hate crimes. and also how they were killed. some were shot, some were ran over by vehicles, some even hit with fire extinguishers. for every persun who was murdered and killed, a candle was lit in their name. and we all said we will remember. to remember them and how they became victims to transgender hate crime. at least three dozens of candles were burnt and we lit every candle till there were no more.

then after the emotional vigil, we screened a movie. Like a Virgin. the story is about a young boy who knows that he wants to have a sex change. so in order to so, he joins this korean sumo like martial art thing, to raise money to get his surgery done. why like a virgin? the boys wants to become like Madonna.the movie ended about at about 11 which was pretty late. some even left before that.

so yeah, it was pretty good event and people were to remember those who have passed. hopefully we can have another one next year but at the time lets hope that no one gets added to the list.

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