Bau-Bau & Ricecooker Akustik Night #01 – Friday, 21st November 2008 – 9pm!


hello good people,
as per usual pretty late with the announcement!
but hey! we are starting a free akustik night outside of the shop, on the Bau-Bau Cafe balcony every FRIDAY NIGHT beginning with this one:
It starts at 9pm and for this first show we’ll have –
They like the classics from the vaults of the local underground and beyond, from covers of The Pilgrims, DEP to ACAB to The Cure and Motorpsycho and more.
A coupla hip gals with some ugly boys doing twee akustik anthems including that song you heard about Altantuya also!
That’s Joe Kidd still trying to sing! The name is already a disclaimer, y’know…
In real life a band touched by The Clash, so lets see how that translates in the form of cheap akustik guitars…
Most industrious young punk band with their debut album coming out very soon, lets hear them without drums and distortion!
Features Armsvett (a fearless Scandinavian from Kuantan), member of the dirty rawpunk crew Apparatus, recently a convert to the blooze and rock’n’roll. It’s still a mystery even to his friends actually
So here, there will be a few more people coming in, even you yourself lah. Basically it’s just a hangout session lah, no pressure, you can fukk-up or be brilliant, it’s all allowed! Hahaha!
We’ll be doing this every Friday from now on so if you want to play just email me (dungboy <et>gmail <ddott> com) and gimme a sample of what you’re doing (maybe a myspace page or an mp3 etc.). You can do skits, comedy, poetry what not.
OK, see you there!

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