Be A Tomboy!

ok, if you diasagree with the fatwa and you dont want it to be gazetted, then propbably we can do a number of things show our dissent.

a. cut your hair – not everyone would be up for this but if you are one of those people who thinks that hair grows, then do it! they are actually against girls who sport short hair.

b. wear “baggy” t-shirt and pants

c. blog/write about it

d. make a statement. get a t-shirt/bag or whatever and write messages on it and then wear it. i have a “lesbian” t-shirt and a bag. i bring them along everywhere.

these are just suggestions. i bet you can come up with other stuff as well.

so lets do this!

3 thoughts on “Be A Tomboy!

  1. they didnt have a real problem with it back when i was in a girls school there (for 9 years). although they did make public announcements that we were not supposed to have ‘kakak/adik angkat’. hmmm. them girls were so repressed as it was.

  2. if you believe that all forces (in this world) are determined and fatalistic, so i respect (and regress to birth..).

    saying that things are “just unfair” seems to imply a sense of acceptance of this is “how things are” , so live with it!!
    not that there is anything wrong about that; one’s choice as a spectator is one’s choice…

    it seems ‘unfair’ and what are you going to do about it? nothing, because unfairness and a reasonable comfortness had been installed by the “man” and he knows you won’t bite anytime soon….

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