bintang kertas

i have been meaning to do some promo/advertising for him and his story (not that he needs it) but never got to it. either something will come up or i forget. typical me.

so anyways, finally.

ok, a very good friend of mine who shares the same passion for beers, parties, and lgbtiq issues wrote a very interesting story on juggling relationship, love, punk rock, work, and life. i was really surprised when i read and was told that he actually wrote a story. i never knew that he wrote stuff. read it and really loved it.

i can tell you this for a fact that when i was reading it, it sounded so real. as if he was actually talking to me and telling me the story. and almost all the things that he wrote sounds as if something that you would hear him say on a daily basis. then again, i know him personally so maybe it will have a different impact on you. 

and there were plenty of “awhhh” moments too. 

it is really good writing and i think everyone should read it. 

if you wanna get the photocopied novel, you can get it at rumah fnb (fnb’s house) or the ricecooker shop in Central Market or you can get it directly from Lousy Penny (the author). Raw unedited photocopies is available only at RM4 each by hand and RM5 by post. For more info: they are not available at your nearest mphs or kino or borders or any bookstore for that matter.

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