‘Sexual abuse’: Samling in the dark as well

this article is from malaysia kini. it is written by  Fauwaz Abdul Aziz.

Logging giant Samling has come out to say that it too has not received any complaints of its workers sexually abusing Penan women or girls in Sarawak, following Interhill’s – the other company implicated –

response yesterday.

“Such events are criminal and will not be tolerated because we do not condone any illegal act by employees,” said its corporate communications head Cheryl Yong in an e-mailed statement today.

“Any victim of criminal acts should lodge their complaints directly to the police,” she added.

penan lands in sarawak 060208Yong was responding to allegations by non-governmental organisations that Samling and Interhill loggers have been frequenting Penan settlements in the Middle Baram area and were sexually abusing women and girls.

“The company workers are based in logging camps in the region and are usually drunk when they arrive at the villages,” said the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fonds in a statement on its website.

“When we hear their off-road vehicles coming, we just leave everything as it is and flee into the forest,” the BMF stated, quoting a Penan source.

Police to probe allegation

The loggers were also alleged to have used armed thugs to intimidate the settlers.

penan baram women sexual abuse by loggers 220908 05The Borneo Resources Institute (BRI) substantiated BMF’s claims, adding instances of ‘forced marriages’.

Interhill yesterday clarified that it has not received any reports on the matter from their operating offices in the interiors. He did concede that infrequent communication was common due to the lack of infrastructure in the interiors.

“Whatever it is, we will investigate this further,” he stressed.

Bernama, meanwhile, reported that Sarawak police commissioner Mohamad Salleh said an investigation will be carried out.

He also called on the public with information on the matter to report straight to the police and not through the Internet

i have been told that this is not something new and it has been going around for quite sometime. if you as angry as i am about this issue, please blog about this news or whatever while we get more info or something.

One thought on “‘Sexual abuse’: Samling in the dark as well

  1. Probably the timber companies have given huge contributions to politicians, therefore no stern action taken.

    The blogger, please keep highlighting this issue until we hear news that the authorities have taken action. Otherwise, this issue will dissappear just like that.

    We have “polis hutan” to take care the ‘pedalaman’ area, why don’t we use them. We have all the forensic infrastructure, why don’t we find all the culprits ?

    Please, the police don’t wait for official report. Go and find the culprit. We always wish to see the Penan girls success in their academics and upgrade their families’ life.

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