take the first step before we save the last dance

“If i cannot dance to it, then it’s not my revolution” Emma Goldman

“If i cannot have my revolution, then what is there to dance to?” Albert Meltzer

“I think we don’t have theology or ideology, we dance” a respond from a zen monk when asked by one curious dude, how come it didn’t appear to him that they don’t seem to look like other (major) religion-Joseph Campbell


Dear beautiful people,

Let’s have each other take turns or together choreograph dancing steps. I totally sucks and kaku when it comes to dancing and i know most of you people are too (if you are pro, then perhaps you already disqualify yourself). But that’s the whole point. Let’s do synchronize dance steps, so it’ll be more chaotic. Come on it’ll be fun. I mean what are we gonna do after the revolution? Sit around? We are the kings and queens of a new magical kingdom. We’ll be singing songs and dancing on the ruins of the old world. And when that time really comes, you know we all are already prepared for it….

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