It was an hour of shadows, the wild Cat was in hunt to nourish her psyche because it has been days, months or even years perhaps, she has forgotten, it has been so long since; she has been aimless in the concrete jungle where she was born. In times of darkness such as these she yearns the softness of understanding soul, thus she makes contact with her beautiful sisters, the fearless Cheetah and the magnificent Sparrow for comfort and guidance. She knows they could hear her calling even in the depths of turmoil. They are always there for her.

In the initial strides, Cat almost broke down and was unable to move but the thought of a time well spent with her sisters comforted her. As she arrives in the Garden of Reveraspoir where her sisters and brothers lived, she is in high spirits. The Cat calls out for the cheerful Cheetah and stunning Sparrow and off the sisters went out for a cocktail potion that could be found at the end of the garden.

Once they have found bottles of the magic potion, the sisters sat upon a small tree house to enjoy the divine beverages. Cheetah and Sparrow seemed to take pleasure in seeing Cat being forlorn but she knows they meant well. She assured her sisters that in time her wound would heal and she wants to hear what have been happening in the Garden of Reveraspoir.

For years, dreams and seeds of hope have been planted in the souls of the animal kingdom of Soleil; however, they have not found a garden to grow the possibilities….

(To be continued…)

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