What Could FNBKL’s Political Ground Be?

As far as my knowledge go, there is no written understanding about the multi-layered political properties of the collective / and FNBKL in general. Each individual in the current collective has thier own set of beliefs, political stance, and socio-cultural bias (or not), and we may or may not understand or know every individual’s perspective, which are mainly based on casual intereaction. Regular collective discussion about these are virtually non-existence, even we may capture an idea or two about the outspoken, but what about the silent collective member? well, we will never really know until its communicated (to someone, somehow)

Anyway, i would like to make a written proposal on FNBKL’s political ground or principle. and it is open for debate, argument, discussion.

Here it goes:

– The collective acknowledge that the capitalist system (or/and the variants) is destructive and exploitative in nature and reform within the system can not archive any meaningful existence for hum*n and non-hum*n.

–  It also entails that law and order within the system are not design to protect the people and non-hum*n rights and freedom but to benefit mega-corporation and the few elites. That it is inherently flawed upon creation (by a few elitist man) and it should not be regarded as a valid social order.

– thus the police were create to protect property and interest of the ruling power not the people.

– Any forms of hierarchy (domination) are deem unfavorable and the collective shall try to break such structure, organizing as much possible.

– Since (almost all) party politics are organized and structured to serve the interest of the capitalist system, it is deem as an invalid social order.( it is also hierarchy thus)

– the collective thus shall attempt to remove itself from any association with capitalist and party politics organizing.

– The collective acknowledge that this society is patriarchal and shall question and challenge patriarchy within and outside collective everyday!

– The collective acknowledge that the system exploits animal in a cruel manner, and since all rights should be for all hum*n and non- hum*n, the collective can not endorse the practices of the meat industry.

– Despite personal diet preference, the collective acknowledge the meat industry’s practices and treatment against animal are part of exploitative nature of the system, the capitalist system – and shall not endorse it.

– In response, the collective shall attempt to work against the current social structure, finding alternatives and political experimentation. the collective will work for a process that is non hierarchical, who shall try to achieve consensus and direct democracy, that is cooperative, and based on hum*n, non-hum*n, and ecological interest. (to its capacity and ability)

– by principle – the collective is also against: elitism, sexism, homophobic/ queerphobic, racism, fascism, nationalism

One thought on “What Could FNBKL’s Political Ground Be?

  1. i couldn’t agree more. we can try and put this, maybe with some editing, put it up on the fnb newsletter. only i think you might leave to touch on certain old principles.
    l would suggest that we re-evaluate our stand and view on non-violent. my reason, hmm.. maybe because we quite simply copy it up from the general fnb views, not realising that it specifically reflects the pacifist/anti nuclear movement in late 70’s US.
    and also since we constantly express our concern on turning to be a mere charity group, shouldn’t we add it up in the new-draft principle/manifesto.
    one more thing, there’s 2 points on veganism that sounds the same can actually be combined into one.

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