painted walls, decorated halls

“i see a red door and i want to paint it black…”

on our immidiate spontanenous meeting held today, we had continued on the discussion to start painting the house. my apology, i have an interiour design fetish. i like things well arranged, wall painted and house decorated.. with flowers and colorful lights, trash and dishes immediately taken care off. it reflects our creativity and passion. not to say that messiness is less creative or passionless (also depends on ones definition), but seriously other than serving food or making banners, wouldn’t you love to work on decorating the house you live in, together? we have gone this far after much struggle, and finally we seem to have ‘settled’ on one objective space. so if we all want to make the pursuit more significant and memorable, why not add some vibrant colors? so that when people tell stories about fnb house in the future, they can describe how beautiful and pleasing the house is, or what color the wall bears like the way people are kept on facinated with the striking color of the babylon or when they wonder what color can the mayan cities could possibly be.

really hope that we can start painting soon, starting with the kitchen wall.

-if the ground you stand on is a liberated territory-paint it!!-

2 thoughts on “painted walls, decorated halls

  1. yes! yes! mural is a must! not too much abstract i hope.. i imagined it to be painted with lots of people and veges… have to sketch 1st.. we sketch it this week ya?

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