changing jargon

hey good people..

i would like to suggest we change the word we use to describe our giving out free food activity from “serving” to “tabling”

apa kata semua? aku rasa lebih bagus to use this term sebab aku rasa lebih selesa kerana term tu lebih mengambarkan aktiviti membuka meja untuk memberi makanan. serving is kinda… um.. like serving means umm… i dunno.. just doesn’t feel right..  to me, no one’s “serving” anyone rite?? aku dapat idea ni dari FNB Bandung.. they use this term.. which i think i’m more comfortable using it from now on..


2 thoughts on “changing jargon

  1. sounds making sense to me. but i haven’t yet seen the problem with using the word ‘serving’, besides ‘tabling’ sounds more literature-ish than distributing food.

    oh… is it enough with just one ‘why’ mr yh?

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