what about the house in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)?

i really hate to be the only person ranting and complaining about things on this blog. Essentially and basically, this blog is suppose to be a virtual space where members of the house and the “community” can express thier views, inform other people about events, gigs and whatever project. it is a form of communication and it is a form of informing and it is a process of self edcation.

Some background story:

Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur has been around for several of years, and it has gone through several face of evolution. People came and go, people lingers on, people evolves with it, people exploits it, people changes it. It was an organization to some extent, it was a movement, it was nothing, and sometimes a nice tool to prove some sort of social archivement.

whatever agendas, whatever reasons, whatever people with different political orientation who came and went out of the “movement” / collective – it has left the it scared and enriched, unique to some extent, immobilized to some extent, aimless to some extent.

personally, i have no idea what was the initial intention and motive – purely charity or with some hidden political agenda, whether if some people were doing it (like distributing free food to whoever) for personal satisfaction on social issues, to claim that they have done something altruistic… i don’t know and i will never know.

As for now, as for the current manifestation of the, it definitely has a different dynamic comparing (now and six months ago); i mean the evolution of the collective, the core people who involve themselves on a fairly regular basis and make decision on various matters. .. and it will continue, an uncertain process…

What about the house?

well, early this year, there were talks and discussion about getting a house or a shophouse for the “organizaton”. So that we can be independent from dependency, from using some semi-commercial cafe,  from using other people’s space.

not that i have problems with using and exploiting other people’s space for the collective’s or personally political agenda.

but, a new “indenpendent” space is good, more communal is good,  the more the better. this society has enough commercialised restricted spaces- So it was good.

so we search, we look, and discuss; we talk about what we could do – compost, gardending, semi perme culture, radical library, infoshop, place where we cook for the mass, workshops, bike workshops, movie/documentary screening, parties, etc….. all was exciting, but something else needed change….

about two months ago,  after months of searching, mainly from a few members from the collective, (where we should acknowledge thier effort, wherther they have personal motives or not). Alas! a relatively cheap (according to what? housing market?) house for rent was found, it was spacial, singled floor, concrete house. it was good.

so there, the background. now we need to get more projects going, we also need to encourage people to use this “collective space”,  this communal space”, to take part, to take some sense of ownership, to make something happen. obviously, things are not perfect, things are still pretty slack, and sometimes one might question the sense of motivation and inspiration are desperately lacking. but hey, what can i say, just have to keep trying somehow.

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