so, all we need is Nuclear Power?

so, now all we need is nuclear power for “our” ever growing needs?

Recently, there has been an issue regarding building nuclear power plant(s) to meet “our”, as in this country’s power/economical needs – but who’s needs? there’s the mega corporate capitalist, high-statues officials (basically whoever benefits from it) and also the people who depends on it and consumes as crazily, lesser but eh yea still crazily.

For argument sake, i have to admit that i have little technical knowledge about nuclear energy and its effect. So i would say i had chose to “believe”, from readings and my gathered socio-political experience & knowledge about things in general. This is done so because i like to acknowledge that there are many things almost everything, where i will never really “know” And yes, this is my philosophical stance – which exposes my ignorance.

Below, is from a really quick ( search on “nuclear power” , later also adding “problems with..” With a click, one would find many many information about nuclear power, the pros, the cons, and so on.

but i really don’t want to make argument about the pros or the cons; but by principle, i am against nuclear energy, it’s political implication, it’s social implication and also ecological implication – in fact i would say i do not like the monopolization of “energy” of any sort, and more coal is also not a solution, more hydro dams too-…. solar has it’s own problems, wind, bio and so on…have their own problem. so how do we weight the problem?

First of all, the problem is “US”!, not the US, but we, the people, the conscious, this aware entity who reads and writes, play, work, have sex, but more importantly, feel and think. I am really happy to made an strong assumption that corporations, elites, rich motherfuckers consumes more than others – because they want, because they can, because can afford it, out of whose expense ?
However, i can’t ignore the middle class/ working managerial class’ “unhealthy” way of “lifestyle” (another fucked up subject matter), and i can not ignore the working class’ daily “needs” to keep up with society. So, all humanity is at “fault”, including this fucked up writer/author – our consumption for power, the “leaders” “fucked up economists”, and also bankers’ propaganda about the need for “progress” the need for more, the want for a “better” life are not helping the world’s crisis, there are the problems itself, but what crisis?, “i don’t feel it, i read that some are going on somewhere, i don’t really see it, i am fucking blind!” i know some might think that way, some are more “inteligent” than that but most actionless (- yes, my assumption, prove me wrong)

we really have to question the way we consume energy/power, is it sustainable, is it productive, is it that, it is this, and so. This trend of consumption will never satisfied the wants of humanity; this current wants of humanity – the elites’ way.

For the Malaysian context – nuclear = more power, tackles oil issue, boast economy etc.
As if i care. But lets say i am a concern, caring citizen, i really want to know, i really want to contribute to society – and that hyperthetically, we cannot avoid the construction of the power plant(s). what would be the “what if”?, what would be my concerns?, what would i say?

Now that we have more power to power this computer for me to type this out, for me express in words, for me to see in the dark and contemplate, i am in a state where i am content with this access and i wish to raise a few concerns, for many many years our waste management system has not improve our standard of living nor has it make the our streets cleaner, there are still lacking in recycle facilities for the different kinds of plastic, and other recyclable things. It seems like the government or the state approved contractors has utterly ignored the complexity of recycling other materials, leading the community to think “there is such recycling places” for every recyclable or that i am a complete idiot who does not know what am i talking about.
Nevertheless, as a citizen of democratic nation, i have a right to voice, to express, even though i know no one “significant” in office will hear or listen nor will the mass media, perhaps someone might have sympathies and wanna take up the issue – but i am an old ugly man. really really ugly, – not a nice PR strategy, wait, maybe it is. i dunno. This waste management issue has lead me to ask another waste management issue, about 20km or more away from my town is the newly build nuclear plant, about 30% of the energy i am using now is from there. I understand that there are “solid waste” (and other waste of course) from nuclear, i wonder how is that going, i also wonder if it is “professionally” done with the strictest regiment for safety and such, but why our town still has such appalling standard on regular waste management? So i am assuming that if the state gov cannot manage a town’s waste system, i am in doubt that it they would manage a highly radiated waste properly. but i could be wrong. But then again, many facilities that the government/contracted to corporation build are not exactly world class or even efficient, the transport system, education, health…

Alright, i am starting to not understanding my own point above, so i have decided to stop. And obviously i have a dilemma…. . “nuclear”, obviously a money making mechanism, it is also a power making machine, political power i mean, it is also has potential to be a deadly weapon against humanity. And nuclear waste are just too risky to manage, especially when developing countries like this wants to cut cost to rapidly boast economically infrastructures – there is catching up to be made. Coal or fossil fuel is no better… which is depleting fast, don’t be fooled by the idea that nuclear/ Uranian supply will last any longer, 50 years or so and then we face “energy problem” again
( but i really want to believe, by then (before 50years), the world, or planet earth cannot sustain human life, that there will be a big catastrophe, and i really want to watch the faces of those who truly believe in nuclear power, who believe in this way of lifestyle, whose greed has gone over their heads – i really want to see their pathetic face before i parish, maybe i should also beat them up as well….)

Energy are closely tied to global warming, greenhouse effect, and climate change, which will affect our environment and our fucked up livlihood. Coal, hydro, nuclear all poses threat to the environment we function in, it produces pollution and waste that will never decay, we are breathing rotten air for a “lifestyle” and it is not sustainable, it will just keep on eating until there is nothing left.
Alternative energy solutions also has its own ecological problems, clearing of land, the production of solar panels requires huge amount of energy from other sources, and so on.

but i have to make a compromise – i would rather want renewable energies like solar, wind, wave, thermal, over fossil fuel, nuclear etc.

To continue my pointless point, as i was typing out a “scenario”, i was trying to head a direction that would show “problem” popping up, if we allow such to happen, the implication could be big, and it is not easy to fix problems produce by nuclear (and coal)
Somewhere in this article, or rant (maybe in the scenario i never manage to finish), i was also trying to say something like, we cannot rely on the government for power/energy, centralized energy has it’s problem, i think it should be at the hands of the people, crazy fuckers – but how are corporation is going to profit from the most important source of life for us (right now)?
when each house/community has it’s own energy generating mechanism (renewable of course) using only what it needs, and feeding extra energy back to the main grids ( existing power/ energy infrastructure) where energy can be transfered to other community who needs them.

we ARE in a world where gov/ corporation encourages the people to consume more, buy more, use more, waste more, and buy again… do we really need them all?
So, Do we need a change now? can we be bothered when the we majority are in economically malnourish and all they want is a “better life”….

So who has taken away the “life” in the first place? where we/ many people need to search for something “better”….

So, i’d used so too much…. i know…
i am tired and i am in anger, frustration, pissed of, at the government(s), capitalists, right-wing fuckheads, the workers, the middle class, the PEOPLE who do not give a shit. who are in my-paradigm view, BLIND! fucking caught in the system!

do i see clearer? or more aware? or enlighten? i don’t think so ——- i’m just silly yea?

Nuclear energy is known as the “clean fuel” however it does not entirely justify this title. According to one website “In America the entire nuclear power industry generates approximately 2,000 tons of solid waste per year. In comparison, coal fired power produces 100,000,000 tons of ash and sludge annually, and this ash is laced with poisons such as mercury and nitric oxide. Industry generates 36,000,000 tons of hazardous waste, and the kind they make will be with us forever, not decaying away. Also, this waste does not receive nearly the care and attention in disposal that radioactive waste does.” However, not every county follows such strict guidelines and the disposal of nuclear waste is a huge problem that does not only affect us but also future generations for thousand of years to come.Countries who cannot afford strict disposal methods may use unauthorised methods of dumping the material especially as a means to save costs. There was lots of controversy in the 1990’s about reports that Russia was dumping nuclear waste in the Arctic Ocean.

Many countries transport waste for other countries for disposal (such as Germany to England) and some people feel that this is not a safe way to manage waste. What is the solution though? If we are going to have nuclear energy surely it is better to transport and dispose of the waste at a cost rather than using methods of cheap disposal that harm the environment? Countries who have the need to use nuclear energy should also have the capacity to dispose of it safely. Then maybe it can be called a “clean energy”

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